Aurora Green Hornet
Green Hornet T Jet with broken vent window posts and bent main window posts. There are about a half dozen nicks in the body all over the car. Has the glass. Screw posts good. Not cut. Rare car.
Item: B101   Price: $24.99
T Jet Ford GT
GT in candy red. Heavy paint chips and rear wheel wells cut. Rear screw post is a mess also. Has the glass.
Item: b102   Price: $4.99
T Jet Jaguar XKE in Olive Green
Jag in olive green. Heavy scratches on the body. Rear screw post split. Passenger window posts gone. No bumpers. Has the glass. Not cut.
Item: b104 Price: $2.99
T Jet Riviera in Olive
Olive Riviera with badly cut rear wheel wells. The rest of the body is perfect. Has the glass and both bumpers with slight chrome loss on the edges. Screw posts perfect.
Item: b105   Price: $7.99
T Jet Riviera
Riviera in turquoise. Badly cut rear wheel wells.  Window post damage on both sides. Has glass and both bumpers with heavy chrome loss on bumpers.
Item: b106   Price: $6.99
Ford J Car in Orange
This is a like new Ford J car body in orange with black and silver #3. It has slight surface scuffs on the roof. Other than that it is like new. Screwposts good. Rare color of orange.
Item: b107   Price: $12.99
Translucent Yellow Ford J Car
This is a like new Ford J car body in translucent yellow with black and silver 33. It is like new. There is a small split in the front screw post. Widow posts perfect as is the paint.
Item: b108   Price: $12.99
Chaparral in Lime Green
Chaparral body in lime green with black and silver #4. The body and paint are perfect. Rare color of lime.
Item: b109   Price: $12.99
Chaparral in Butterscotch
Rare color of butterscotch on this Chaparral body with black and silver #4. Body is like new.
Item: b110   Price: $12.99
Chaparral in White and Olive Green
Chaparral body in white with olive green stripes #4. Body is like new.


Item: b111   Price: $12.99
T Jet Camaro
Camaro in turquoise. Really cut rear wheel wells. Passenger window posts and both vent posts are gone. No back bumper. Has front bumper and glass. Both screwposts have splits.
Item: b112   Price: $9.99
T Jet Camaro
Yellow Camaro with all the wheel wells cut. No glass or bumpers. Window posts good as is the paint. Great for a dirt modified custom.
Item: b113   Price: $7.99
T Jet Camaro
T Jet Camaro in red. No window posts. Not cut. Screwposts good. No glass or bumpers.


Item: b114   Price: $7.99
T Jet Ford GT
GT stripped of paint. No glass. Rear wheel wells cut at the bottom front. Front screw post has a split. Good for a paint job and racing.
Item: b116 Price: $3.99
T Jet Cheetah Painted Red
Cheetah that was orange painted red. Screw posts good. No glass. It would look good stripped or as a re paint. Great for racing.
Item: b117   Price: $4.99
T Jet Dune Buggy
Dune Buggy in white. No glass driver head and roof. No rear screw post. Body is nice.
Item: b118   Price: $1.99
T Jet Promo Lemon Dune Buggy
Lemon dune buggy with no paint or glass. Came in a special package with a Tuff Ones car. The body has a crack from between the headlight to the gas cap. The rest is real nice and the screwposts are good.
Item: b119   Price: $3.99
Tyco S Hot Rod in Yellow
Tyco S Hot Rod in yellow with brown interior. The rear wheel wells are cut. It was done very well. Both screw posts have splits. Has the roll bar and driver head.
Item: b120 Price: $7.99
Chaparral Speedline Body
Peach? plate. Screwposts good. Heavy wear on passenger quarter panel. No driver, motor or glass because it's a Speedline car.
Item: b121   Price: $3.99
Aurora Vibe Corvette Convertible
Rear wheel wells hacked to death. Heavy sand scratches on trunk. Screw posts good. No glass or driver head.
Item: B122   Price: $3.99
Vibe Corvette Conv in Dark Gray
Corvette Conv with cut rear wheel wells and no driver head. Screw posts are good. Good for racing.
Item: b123 Price: $8.99
Atlas Mustang in Red
Car is molded red. It is painted white. Has slightly cut rear wheel wells. No bumpers or glass. Front screw post is split rear one is partially missing.
Item: B128   Price: $3.99
Atlas Zinger Porsche 904 in Red
This is a Atlas Porsche 904 in bright red. It has no glass. The window posts were split and repaired. Not bad but you can see it if you look. The rest of the body is like new. Would display nice. It needs a Zinger chassis.
Item: B129   Price: $5.99
Pair of Atlas Customizing Kit Indy Cars
Here are a pair Of Atlas brand slot car bodies. Both are from the Customizing kit series and both are the Indy car body. One red that has all four wheel wells cut and the front screw post broke off. There is glue residue on the body and there is two small pieces of chrome on it. The white one has no add on parts and looks unused. Screw posts are good and the body is real nice. These are pretty rare bodies. The white one is real nice.
Item: B130   Price: $17.99
Bachman Chaparral
Bachman Chaparral in yellow and black. Heavy paint chip on roof and some paint wear on sides. Has the glass, mirrors, roof vent and 3 stickers. Screwposts good. Not cut.
Item: B131   Price: $5.99
Bachman Chaparral in White
Missing one headlight insert. Has some decals, both mirrors and roof inlet. No wing. Screwposts and window posts okay.
Item: B132   Price: $3.99
Bachman Charger III
Charger III concept car in blue with yellow stripe. Has no glass. Body is nice with good screw posts. Slight wear to the stripe.
Item: b133   Price: $7.99
Tyco S Hot Rod
Hot Rod in red and tan. The body has been completely sanded down. Great for a re paint and use it as a racer. Screw posts are good.
Item: b134 Price: $1.24
Lionel T Bird Convertible
Rear wheel wells cut at the fender skirts. No driver or bumpers. Has nice glass. Rear screw post has a small split front okay. Baby blue color.
Item: B135   Price: $1.99
Lionel Corvette
Lionel Corvette in tan. Rear post has a split. No glass. Not sure if it's supposed to have it. Body okay , not cut.
Item: b136   Price: $3.49
AFX Porsche 917
Porsche 917 with Gulf paint scheme. Missing one headlight and one rear spoiler almost all broken off. The rest of the body and paint are like new.
Item: b137   Price: $7.99
AFX Ferrari 512M
Ferrari 512 M in blue and white. No back motor panel glass or headlight insert. Wing broke off. Window posts good.
Item: B138   Price: $0.79
AFX Shadow
Shadow Can Am in black. Body is real nice except the 101 on the left side is half gone.
Item: b139   Price: $4.99
AFX Charger
Charger in lime green. There is a piece missing on the driver rear quarter panel. The passenger side quarter has a crack in it from the bumper to the wheel well. The rest of the body is great. If any of you body man guys think it can be fixed it would be worth it for the price as it is a rare car. There are no bumpers on the car.
Item: b140   Price: $5.99
AFX Road Runner Stocker
Road Runner in yellow and orange #43. Passenger window post is gone. Has glass and both bumpers and all 4 body mounts are good. Paint is nice.
Item: b141   Price: $3.99
AFX Petty Road Runner
Road Runner in blue and white. Both window posts broke. Has front and back bumper and glass.


Item: B142   Price: $3.99
AFX 55 Chevy
55 Chevy in orange. No glass or scoop. Right vent window broke. Right window post bent in. Two body mounts broke off. One shackle missing. Has both bumpers with chrome loss. Has both header pipes.
Item: b143   Price: $5.99
AFX Camaro #3
AFX Camaro in white and blue. WIndow posts bent and no back bumper or glass. Body is not cracked and chassis mounts are all there.
Item: b144   Price: $1.49
T Jet Indy Racer
Indy Racer in red with black ball #7. There is wear on the ball and #7. Rest of body is nice. Screw posts are good.
Item: b145 Price: $9.99
AFX Vega F/C Wagon
Vega Wagon in white with flourecent flames. There are wear marks in the flames. The body is nice and it has the rear bumper but one wheelie bar is missing. It has the front axle wheels and tires.
Item: b147   Price: $6.99
AFX VW Thing Military Version
VW Thing in military paint scheme. Tan and brown. Body only. New old stock. Cond 9.


Item: B148   Price: $12.99
AFX 31 Ford Panel Truck
31 Ford Panel truck in butterscotch and black. There is no glass. There are 3 scratches in the black paint on the roof. Has the grill. One chassis locator pin is broken off.
Item: b149   Price: $2.99
AFX Datsun Pick Up
Datsun Pick Up painted blue. It was blue. No glass roll bar or front bumper. All 4 chassis lock tabs are there.
Item: b151   Price: $1.99
AFX Spider Man Car
Spider Man car in red blue and white. No glass or motor. Body is nice as is the paint and screw posts.
Item: b152   Price: $3.49
AFX Two Much
Two Much in lime with metal flake silver in green paint. Glue spot on the glass and no motor assembly.


Item: b153   Price: $1.59
Tyco Pro Mustang
T/P Mustang T/A in yellow. This is the painted version. There is no glass and a part of the rear bumper is missing on the passenger side. The body, paint and decals are real nice. If you have the parts this would display very well.
Item: B154   Price: $7.99
Tyco Pro Chaparral Open Cockpit
The body and glass have a hairline crack. There is no wing, driver or motor stacks. All decals are on the car and in good shape.
Item: b155   Price: $2.99
Tyco Pro Chaparral #66
Tyco Pro Chaparral with #66 decals. Driver decal is 2/3 gone. Other two are yellowed. No interior, spoiler and motor stacks. If you have the parts this body isn't bad. No cracks.
Item: B156   Price: $0.99
Tyco Pro Camo Dune Buggy
Body is nice with a small wear spot on the driver side. The motor exhaust pipes are broke off. It has the front light bar and driver.
Item: b157   Price: $9.99
Tyco A/P Corvette
One of the Silver Streak cars. No glass driver or roll bar. The body is pretty nice and shows virtually no chrome loss. If you have the parts this would be a nice car for display.
Item: b159   Price: $4.99
Tyco McLaren Can Am
Tyco McLaren low wing Can Am. No interior, two intake stacks broke and the rear wing has a warp in it along with a paint chip. The rest of the body and the decals are nice. Not cracked or cut.
Item: b160   Price: $3.49
Tyco Camaro Funny Car
Trick Camaro Funny Car by Tyco. It is green and silver. No blower scoop. Has the chute and glass. The body has playwear on it. Some wear marks in the paint. The body is not cut or cracked. It would still look good to display. The decals are in great shape.
Item: b163   Price: $4.99
Tyco Mustang Funny Car With White Letters
Tyco Trick Mustang Funny Car with the rare version with white lettering. The back of the rear wheel wells were cut and then touched up with black paint. One rear window louver is broken but all there. The car has the glass and correct white chute. There is no scoop. The white lettering is nice. There is light scuff marks on the roof. There are two small wear marks in the paint. The window posts are good. Even with the rear wheel well problem the car would display okay. It is a rare car. This is for body only. Cond 7.
Item: b164   Price: $49.99