Russkit Lotus 38 With Black Widow Four Wheel Drive
This is a 1/24th scale Lotus38 F1 slot car. It is made by Russkit and it features the very rare Black Widow four wheel drive and four wheel brakes chassis. Made in the mid 60's. It has two Russkit 22 motors built into the frame. The gear ratio is 4 to 1. The frame is black anodized stress-formed aluminum. The car is the first 4WD slot car ever made and possibly the only one.  The body is factory painted lexan. There is slight wear to the number ball on the front and to the yellow stripe which is a decal that can be replaced. The body shows no cracks and the green, and silver paint is real nice. The tires are in very nice shape and the chassis is like new. The motors and gear train spin freely. The pick up braids are in real nice shape. It would be hard to find another one of these cars in this condition. Cond 8-8.5.
Item: bsl001   Price: $249.99
Russkit LolaT-70 With The Black Widow Four Wheel Drive
Here is a very rare slot car from the mid 60's. It is a 1/24th scale Lola T-70 made by Russkit. What is unique to this car is the chassis. It is the Black Widow that features four wheel drive and four wheel brakes. It has two Russkit 22 motors built into the frame to power all four wheels. The gear ratio is 4 to 1. The frame is stress-formed aluminum that is black anodized. This is the first slot car chassis that had this feature and probably the only one. The body is lightweight lexan. It is painted blue from the factory with white stripes. There is a paint chip on the top of the rear hood and another above the driver side front wheel. There is wear to the white stripe on the back and front of the car. It was used but not much. There is also a dirty spot on the number ball on the rear of the car. The motor injector stacks are all there and the chrome is real nice which is really amazing as most slot cars have parts like this missing or broke. There is glue residue on the motor top that has aged and turned yellow. This is common due to its age. There is also a small spot on the driver rear fender above the wheel that looks like someone touched up with blue paint from the outside. It is very small. The body has no cracks and the original mounting clips are on the car. The chassis is like new and the motor and gears spin freely. The tires are in great shape. A very unusual car that was made when slot cars ruled. Cond 8-8.5.
Item: bsl002   Price: $249.99
D Jaguar 1/24th Scale Slot Car by Unique Engineering
Here is a very rare 1/24th scale slot car from the 60's. It is a replica of a D Jaguar and it's from the Le Mans line made by Unique Engineering. There were not many of these made and this one is in exceptional condition. It has a Pittman DC 706 motor. The chassis has a floating drop arm that the pick up braids are on and it is made of very thin brass. The front end can be tailored to have a pivoting suspension by turning a screw on the chassis. It allows the front axle to pivot. The chassis has been factory drilled to accept numerous motors from back then. The chassis has a adjustable wheelbase. The window glass has glue residue on it from whoever built the car. The rest of the body is in great condition from the front grill to the dashboard and steering wheel. The tires and wheels are like new. It comes with the original paperwork allen wrench for the wheels and a part that looks like exhaust piping that is the same color as the body but I can't figure out where it goes. This is a very rare slot car. Cond 8.
Item: bsl003   Price: $249.99
Classic Manta Ray 1/24th Scale Unpainted Body
This is another rare 1/24th scale slot that is available. It is a Manta Ray body in the unpainted form. It is made by Classic from LA California. Made in the mid 60's. Classic was a well known name back then. The body is in great shape with no cracks. The chassis is like new. It features a weighted style drop arm, super light frame and a high performance motor that still has the factory sticker on it. The tires are like new and have the Classic logos on them. The wheels are really cool six spoke design. Comes with the original order form for replacement parts. Leave it unpainted or do it up and detail it. This car is in very good condition. Cond 8.5
Item: bsl005   Price: $224.99
Kogure From Japan 1/24th Scale 1964 Corvette Stingray
1964 Corvette Stingray in white. Made by Kogure from Japan in the mid 60's. The car is in exceptional condition seeing as that is was run but it doesn't look like it was used much. It is white with a black interior. All the chrome parts are on the car including the hub caps, all bumpers, side rocker panel chrome trim, rear license plate and tail light/exhaust tips. There is a discolored area on the hood by the wipers. It is in the plastic though and I think it came from the factory that way. It is a small area that is hard to see but it is there. There are light scuffs on the roof and a scratch on the roof on the right side. Other than that I can't see anything wrong with the body. The chrome is real nice on the car as is the detailed interior with driver. The chassis runs, looks like new and has real nice soft tires with all the tread on them. I want to keep this car but I'm sticking with my HO's as I don't have room for it. This is a pretty rare car that has survived 50 years and still looks this good. It would display very well. Cond 8.
Item: bsl007 Price: $199.99
Monogram Ferrari/Ford GT 1/24th Kit
This was new in the box and the box got water damage so I opened it up and will sell it like this. It's a 1/24th scale Monogram build it yourself kit. It comes with two lexan lightweight bodies. One is a Ferrari 330P in red with black interior and the other is a Ford GT Roadster in white with black interior. The Ferrari body has four cracks in it. How it happened I don't know as it was never used. The chassis is the Sidewinder with the Tiger Super X-220S motor. It has a bunch of high performance features to it. The chassis is fully assembled except for the body mounting brackets. There is a set for both bodies. The only other thing I see wrong is two of the wheels have some pitting on them. The tires are good as is all the other components. All brackets and screws along with the driver figures are in the bag along with assembly wrenches. The chassis does run. There is a decal sheet that is old and I don't know if they will work but I know there are ways of saving them or remaking them. All the paperwork is here including a racing tips, a ad for the Corvette and the instruction manual. There is also a picture of the cars on a piece of cardboard and the box top if you want it. It would all display very well.
Item: bsl010 Price: $179.99



Scalextric Offenhauser Indy Race Car New in Box
Scalextric red #8 Offenhauser rear engine 1/32nd scale car. It is brand new never been used. Part # C80. The box has a piece torn off one of the side flaps from the tape being on it. The rest of the box is real nice with no rips. It is not warped and the clear insert is nice also. It is called a race tuned car. Great car made in the UK from the 60's. Will display very well. Cond 9.5.
Item: tsl001   Price: $129.99
Red And Black Pair of Porsche 962's
These are made by Carsenna and are more like 1/43rd scale and not 1/32nd. Thay are a pair of Porsche 962's in red and black. Bodies in nice shape. Have headlightsbut I don't know if they work or if they run but I would assume they do as they are very new looking. Nice chrome wheels. If you collect Porsches you can pick up this pair cheap.
Item: tsl002   Price: $7.99
Carrera James Bond Aston Martin DB5
From Carrera is this 1/32nd scale slot car of the Aston Martin DB5. Famous for being in the James Bond movies mainly Goldfinger. I have to say this car is gorgeous. It is incredibly detailed from the grill to the tail lights. The rear view mirrors and the windshield wipers are amazing. It also has James driving in his Tuxedo. It is the Bond color silver. It is new in the clear display case.  There is a hairline crack in the back right corner of the clear case. It is about 2 inches long. One of the photos shows it.  It is one of the Evolution series cars from Carrera. A very cool addition to any slot car collection. Cond 10.
Item: tsl003   Price: $124.99
Unknown Brand of 1/43 Scale Cars
I have no idea who made these but they are the same brand. There is two Corvettes, a Mustang and an unknown Jap street car. Something to race and don't care if they get broke. All in nice shape.
Item: tsl004   Price: $15.99
Artin Quad Pair
I think these are Artin. A pair of quad racers. I guess they are 1/43rd scale. They look like new. The drivers are soft rubber so they won't break if they crash.


Item: tsl005   Price: $11.99
Pair of Artin Chevy S 10 Pick Ups
These are like new. Artin 1/43 scale Chevy S 10 Pick Up trucks. Great for racing or even collecting.
Item: tsl006   Price: $11.99
Artin? Porsche Carerra
I think this is a Artin. 1/43rd scale. White Porsche Carerra. Has playwear but nothing broke. A cheap addition to a Porsche collection.
Item: tsl007   Price: $6.99
Lexan Mini Cooper
Here is a custom painted lexan body of a Mini Cooper. Don't know the brand. I would consider it 1/32nd scale. Not factory paint but it is a nice paint job. Not done by a kid. Body only.
Item: tsl008   Price: $9.99
Carerra 1969 Camaro Fire Creature
This is a 1/32nd scale 1969 Camaro made by Carerra. Called the Fire Creature.It is model # 3525 and is a Evolution style chassis. The pick up braids and guide arm are missing. I believe they were cut off to make the car sit flat on display. The chassis does run. The body has a right window post bend and the Accel logos on the front fender have wear. One quarter of the rear bumper is broke off. The paint is nice on the car along with all the other tampo print but the yellow is in different shades on the front valence. The hood can come off showing the motor. There are slight scratches on side of the left front fender but are hard to see. It has the wipers are rear view mirror. The car has great tires and chrome on the wheels. I have been told this is a rare car but it has issues. It would display okay. Cond 7.
Item: tsl009   Price: $59.99
Gilbert James Bond 007 Set Cars
These are the set cars from the AC Gilbert James Bond 007 slot set. The bodies are Gilbert but their chassis were terrible so they bought Auroras. That is why they don't fit the wheel wells very good. The cars are a red Mustang Fastback and a blue Aston Martin with all the spy goodies in it. It has the bulletproof screen, ejection seat, roof hatch and machine guns under the headlights. Both cars are in very good condition and have all their parts. The chrome on them is very good also. Very slight wear on both cars. Both cars have complete and running chassis with great chrome wheels and soft tires. Judging by the condition of the chassis they were not used much. These would display very well and be a nice addition to your collection. Cond 8. Price is for both cars.
Item: tsl010 Price: $249.99
Lionel Indy Or Sprint Car From The 60's
This is a Lionel brand 1/32nd scale slot car of an old Indy roadster or maybe a Sprint car. It is like new with no parts missing and pick up shoes that have no wear. I don't think this car was ever run. Real nice looking and would display really well. Cond 9.
Item: tsl012   Price: $59.99
Eldon Body Lot
This is a lot of 6 Eldon 1/32nd scale bodies. There is a Ferrari with no front screwpost, a unknown body with no glass or front screwpost, a gray Porsche that is cracked but has the glass for the other gray Porsche in the lot. Also a Ford J car and a Chaparral closed cockpit that is real cool looking. All other bodies including the Porsche have good screwposts and no cracks. They are pretty nice actually and would clean up nice. They all have playwear. The Porsche that is bad has good screwposts and maybe they could be grafted to the cars that don't have them. I know it can be done.
Item: tsl013   Price: $24.99
Ferrari F40 in Yellow
Ferrari F40 in 1/43rd? scale. All stickers and the body are in great shape. Has working headlights and running chassis with great tires. Great for racing. Cond 8.
Item: tsl015   Price: $7.99
Marx 1/32nd Slot Car
I think this is Marx and I know it is common as I se a lot of them. This one is very clean though with all parts and great chrome if you want a nice version of this car you can get it cheap.
Item: tsl018   Price: $9.99
Eldon Chaparral
This is a nice 1/32nd scale slot of a Jim Hall Chaparral. Made by Eldon. Cool looking closed cockpit version. Made in the 60's. The chassis needs pick up braids and new tires but this car should be displayed. It has playwear but would clean up nice with a little work. Cond 8.
Item: tsl023   Price: $22.99
Eldon 1966 Charger
This is a Eldon 1/32nd scale Dodge Charger. There is no back bumper but if you can come up with one the rest of the car is real nice. Has a nice chassis on it also. Looks like it wasn't used much. Nice to display. Cool looking car.
Item: tsl024   Price: $24.99
Eldon 1967 Camaro Near Mint
This is the best big scale car on the site. It is a Eldon brand 1/32nd scale version of a 1967 Chevy Camaro. This car is like new never used. It is in the rare yellow color. Perfect body with perfect chrome. Great like new chassis also. You don't find slots in big scale in this condition very often as they were easily broken when raced. This car is a 9+.
Item: tsl025   Price: $79.99
Revell 1/32 Camaro Body and Chassis
Revell Camaro in green. The body is junk. It has holes in the hood and the side is curled in. There are parts though from it as it has the rear bumper, interior and glass. The chassis runs but needs rear tires.
Item: tsl026   Price: $14.99
Revell 1/32 Corvette
Revell 1/32 Corvette in blue. No rear bumper. The front one is real nice. The body is nice also. It has a running chassis with nice tires and Mag wheels. The tires still have the tread on them.
Item: tsl027   Price: $29.99
Revell 1/32 Firebird
Revell 1/32 Firebird in red. A piece is missing off the rear bumper. The front one is complete and in real nice condition. The body and glass is real nice also. It has a running chassis that needs pick up braids. It has the Mag wheels and great tires that still have the tread on them.
Item: tsl028   Price: $29.99
Batmobile in 1/43rd Scale
Batmobile 1/43rd scale slot car. Don't know the brand but it does run and in real nice shape.
Item: tsl029 Price: $7.99
Three Darda Friction F1 Cars
These are Darda cars with friction motors in them. Two are Ferraris # 27 and #28 and one is a Lotus Honda. They look to be about 1/43rd scale. All three are in great shape. Not a slot car but they are F1's and are pretty well detailed to display.
Item: tsl030 Price: $9.99



Big Scale Miscellaneous
Cox NOS Parachute For Pinto and Vega Cars
Cox original NOS parachute slide and bullets for the Pinto and Vega drag cars. Still in the original bag.
Item: 132021   Price: $19.99
Strombecker 1/32 Deluxe Chrome Wheels
Strombecker 1/32 Deluxe wheel set of four. 5/40 #8323 NOS


Item: 132022   Price: $5.99
Strombecker Armature 12 Volt
NOS Strombecker Epoxied 12 volt armature. #8440
Item: 132023   Price: $7.99
Strombecker Axle Set Minus One
Set of axles for Strombecker cars. .093 pressed on. There are 2 short and only one long one. NOS #8411
Item: 132024   Price: $3.99
Strombecker Pick Up Braids NOS
This is a four pack of Strombecker pick up braids. NOS # 9035/39


Item: 132025   Price: $3.99
Strombecker NOS 1/2 Alum Wheels
Strombecker NOS 1/2 aluminum spun wheels. #8549.


Item: 132026   Price: $4.99
Strombecker 1/32 Plastic Wheel Inserts
Strombecker NOS 1/32nd plastic wheel insert kit. There are 20assorted inserts. #8339
Item: 132029   Price: $7.99
Strombecker Original NOS Set Screws and wrench
Strombecker NOS set screw and wrech kit for wheels. There are four screws.#8369
Item: 132030   Price: $2.49
Strombecker 1/32 Three Ear Deluxe Wheel Knock Offs
Strombecker 1/32 Deluxe knock offs for wheels. They are 3 ear and 5/40. This is a four piece set. # 8405
Item: 132031   Price: $3.99
Strombecker 1/24 Drag Front Tires
Strombecker NOS 1/24 scale drag front tires. #8345
Item: 132032   Price: $4.99
Strombecker Axle And Gear NOS
Strombecker brand axle and gear kit. NOS #9037


Item: 132033   Price: $4.49
Strombecker Ackerman Front Steer Kit NOS
Strombecker NOS kit for a steering front end for slot cars. Comes with instructions, wheels, knock offs, pick up braids, front guide blade and chromed linkage arms. NOS. Cool item.#9092
Item: 132034   Price: $12.99
Strombecker Chrome Spoked Wheel Kit
Strombecker NOS Chrome spoked wheel kit. #9052
Item: 132035   Price: $4.99
Strombecker 1/2 Wheel Kit NOS
Strombecker brand of 1/2 Wheels. NOS #9052
Item: 132036   Price: $4.99
Strombecker Spoked Wheel Kit
Strombecker spoked wheel kit with wrong paper insert so I don't know what the part # is. NOS item.
Item: 132037   Price: $4.99
Original Cox Factory Track Clips
This is a bag of 12 Cox track clips for their brand of track. Part # 3574. Item is new. Use it or display it.
Item: 132040   Price: $5.99
Three Different Pinion Gears For 1/32 or 1/24 Scale Slot Cars
This is a set of 3 different pinion gears for big scale slot cars. The two brass ones are 6 tooth and are two different lengths. The other is 9 tooth and bigger in diameter. That's all I can tell about them other than they are brand new. Price is for all three.
Item: 132044   Price: $3.99
PSE Big Hub Tuna Rear Tires Four Different Sizes
These are brand new sponge rear tires for 1/32nd scale cars. There are 4 different sizes. #71022 3/32 X .790, 71024 3/32 X .850, 71026 1/8 X .790 and 71028 1/8 X .850. All are in their original cases. They even have Goodyear Eagles on the sidewall. They are extremely wide tires. Mounted on a very thin wall rim. Price is for all four sets. Use them or display them.
Item: 132050   Price: $28.00
MX Eagles 1/32 Rear Super Wide Tires and Rims New
This is a pair of MX Eagles rear tires for 1/32nd cars. Super wide sponge tires mounted on lightweight aluminum wheels. They even have Good Year Eagles printed on them. The size is 1/8 X 13/16. Part # 699-B. They are new in the container.
Item: 132051   Price: $4.59
Dynamic 1/24th Scale Rear Tires
Dynamic 1/24th scale rear tires. Spun aluminum wheels that are threaded for the axle. The tires have real good grip. They feel like silicone coated rubber. Tires are new.
Item: 132052 Price: $5.99
Big Scale Set Screws for Attaching Wheels to Axles
This is a bag of set screws to mount wheels to the axles on 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars. There are 15 of them. Price is for all and they are new.
Item: 132054   Price: $4.99
Model Rectifier Racepack Power Supply Model 361
This is a high performance and very well built power pack for big scale slot cars. It is made by Model Rectifier Corp and is called the Racepack. Model # 361. It features a 12 and 24 volt range that you control by a switch along with an on/off switch and a pilot light. Output is 4 amps at 12 volts and 2 amps at 24 volts. It can run three individual lanes at once. I tested it and all three hookups show the correct voltage. The case is in real nice shape as is the cord. It is very well made.
Item: 132060 Price: $34.99