GI Joe Cobra Troop Carrier
GI Joe Cobra troop carrier in blue. I can't really see anything wrong with this truck. Both exhaust are there. No scratches or cracks. The chassis runs and shows very little wear. Mud flaps are good. It would display very well. Cond 9.
Item: tus002   Price: $49.99
US1 Peterbilt Dump Truck in Blue and Silver
Peterbilt dump truck in pretty rare blue with silver colors. The exhaust pipes are good but there is heavy chrome wear on the sides of them. The horns and front bumper chrome is like new. I can't see anything wrong with the body. The tailgate is good as are the mud flaps. The chassis runs and has both guide pins and great tires. Great addition to any collection. Cond 8+.
Item: tus006   Price: $39.99
TYCO US-1 Dump Truck Painted Lime Green
Peterbilt dump truck in lime green. This is the painted version. Exhaust mud flaps and tailgate are all good. Very slight chrome loss on front bumper. Made in early 80's. Running chassis. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: tus007   Price: $23.99
TYCO US-1 Dump Truck Molded Lime Green
Peterbilt dump truck in lime green. Molded version. Mud flaps exhaust and tail gate all good. Has running chassis in real nice shape. Chrome loss on front bumper. Made in early 80's. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: tus008   Price: $23.99
US-1 Dump Truck in Light Lime Green
Dump truck in light lime green. This is molded not painted. The truck is in great condition with nice chrome, both exhaust stacks and the tailgate and mud flaps with no breaks. The chassis is complete and runs. The body has no issues. It would display very well. Cond 8.
Item: tus009   Price: $23.99
TYCO US-1 Kenworth Tractor Cab Blue
Kenworth tractor cab in red white and yellow. Exhaust tips are gone. Chrome wear on bumper. Has running chassis but both pick ups have been cut in half. Made from 83-85. Body is nice. Cond 7.5.


Item: tus010   Price: $44.99
TYCO US-1 Peterbilt Tractor Cab
Peterbilt tractor cab in orange and yellow with black stripes. Exhaust tips are good. Chrome loss on high spots. Has running like new chassis. Made in 1981. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: tus012   Price: $34.99
Peterbilt Cab With Coastal Trucking
US1 Peterbilt cab in blue with white and gold stripes. Coastal Trucking logos on the hood.  Both exhaust tips are broke off and there is chrome wear on all four parts. The body and paint is real nice. It has a running chassis with both guide pins and nice tires. Cond 7.5.
Item: tus013   Price: $34.99
TYCO US-1 Peterbilt Tractor Cab with Lights
Petrebilt tractor cab in red with white stripe. Lighted version with no light bulb. Some of them came like that. Made in the mid 80's. Driver exhaust tip is gone. Slight chrome loss on high spots. Body is nice. Cond 8.


Item: tus014   Price: $24.99
GI Joe Peterbilt Cab and Supply Trailer
GI Joe version of the US1 Peterbilt Cab and freight trailer. Molded in olive drab. The cab has the exhaust tip on the left side broke off. The rest of the body is like new. The chassis runs and looks new. The trailer has no problems and comes with two shipping crates. The guide pins are there and front support is good. A great addition to a US1 collection. Cond 8+
Item: tus015   Price: $44.99
TYCO US-1 PIE Trailer
Freight trailer with PIE logos in red. Doors pin and support are all good. Made in mid 80's. Body like new. Cond 9.


Item: tus016   Price: $12.99
TYCO US-1 Roadway Trailer
Freight trailer with Roadway logos in blue. Pin support and doors all good. Made in mid 80's. One of the harder to find trailers. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.
Item: tus017   Price: $32.99
US-1 Smith's Tire Trailer
One of the harder to get US-1 trailers is the Smith's Tire. This one is about as close to being like new condition that you can get. All the logos are perfect. There are no scuffs on the roof. The rear doors open and close. The wheel and tire assembly is real nice as is the front support. I doubt you can find a better one and it will display perfect. Cond 9
Item: tus018   Price: $32.99
TYCO US-1 Navajo Trailer
Freight trailer with Navajo logos. Doors pin and support are good. Logos are nice. Made in 1981 only. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.
Item: tus019   Price: $32.99
TYCO US-1 Red Line Trailer
Flatbed trailer with Red Line logos. Pin and support are good. Made in 1982. Body is nice. Cond 8.5.
Item: tus020   Price: $12.99
TYCO US-1 Dupont Tank Trailer
Tanker trailer with Dupont logos. Red yellow and white. Pin and support are good. Made in 1982 only. Body is like new. Cond 9.
Item: tus022   Price: $34.99
TYCO US-1 Gravel Supply Company Trailer
Gravel trailer with Gravel Supply Co logos. Orange and black. Release door pin and support all good. Made from 81-85. Trailer is like new. Cond 8.5.
Item: tus023   Price: $14.99
TYCO US-1 Highway Cons Gravel Trailer
Gravel trailer in gray with Highway Construction Co logos. Support is broke off and there is a discoloration on the trailer you can see in the photo. Pin and release door okay. Made from 81-85. Cond 7.
Item: tus024   Price: $8.99
TYCO US-1 Stomper Blazer
Chevy Blazer Stomper in white blue and red. Running chassis. Made in 1985 only. Rare vehicle. Body is like new. No marks, roof rack is perfect perfect paint and tires. Cond 9.


Item: tus025   Price: $149.99
TYCO US-1 Stomper Pick Up
Chevy Stomper pick up truck. Yellow with silver and black stripes and black bed cover. Has running chassis with correct tires. Made in 1985 only. Scuff mark on roof. Rest of body and the chrome is like new. Cond 8.5.


Item: tus028   Price: $169.99
Tow Truck and Disabled Car
US1 tow truck in black with yellow and red stripes. Has SHELL logos. Firebird in white with black bird. The truck is like new. Other than two small spots on the horns the chrome is perfect. The tow boom works. Flashing light feature works. The chassis has no wear on it. The Firebird is also like new. It has the correct dummy chassis. The body and paint are real nice. This was a very cool set that Tyco made and would be a great addition to your collection. Cond 9.
Item: tus035   Price: $149.99
Fire Truck With Bell and Lights
Very cool idea by Tyco for their US1 line. A fire truck in red with silver. Central City Fire Dept #1 logos on the doors. The truck has a ringing bell and flashing overhead lights when it runs on the track. It has a side ladder and a extending style on the top. The chrome is like new as is the paint and body. The chassis runs and is pretty complex with the bell and light features. It shows virtually no pick up wear. A great addition to your collection but you have to take it around the track a few laps to see it work. Cond 8+.
Item: tus040   Price: $69.99
Dodge Police Car
Dodge Charger Police car in white and blue. There are two small nicks in the rear spoiler and very slight chrome edge wear. Other than that the car is like new. Great paint and has the roof lights.  The chassis runs and shows very slight wear. Great car and it will display very well. Cond 8+.
Item: tus045   Price: $79.99