Life Like Olds Stocker #13 Blue & Yellow
Olds NASCAR generic stocker in blue and yellow #13. Chassis runs. Playwear on body. Made in late 80's. Cond 7.5.


Item: csc001   Price: $9.99
Aurora G+ Ferrari #12P
G+ Ferrari with issues. Missing one mirror. Front valence has been removed as the rear motor panel. It has a running G+ chassis. Good for racing.
Item: csc002 Price: $11.99
Life-Like T Bird Generic Stocker Yellow & Black #46
NASCAR T Bird generic stocker in yellow, black with blue stripe #46. Chassis runs. Made in 1992. Nice shape. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc003   Price: $9.99
Life Like McDonalds T Bird
Other than the chip in the rear spoiler the body and paint are like new. Has a running chassis with silicone rear tires. Great for racing.
Item: csc004 Price: $11.99
Tyco Ferrari F1 #27
Ferrari F1 #27. The right front wing has been re glued and you can see it. The rest of the body is like new. It has a running 440 X2 chassis with great wheels and tires. It would be a great car for racing and it wouldn't display too bad.
Item: csc006   Price: $13.99
Ideal TCR Truck Cab
Peterbilt style truck cab in red with yellow and orange stripe. Made by Ideal and it is a TCR slotless. Has one exhaust stack tip broke off. It has a roof light that works. The chassis runs but only if you bypass the diode so I don't know if it's because they run on AC or if the diode is bad. The body is nice.
Item: csc007   Price: $7.99
Tyco Command Control Peterbilt Cab with Lights
Tyco early Command Control slotless racing Peterbilt truck cab. It is red and white with a nice paint scheme. There is playwear on the body. One exhaust tip is broken. It is the lighted version and the lights do work. The chassis runs and has the traction weight. It has new silicone rear tires. The double crown gears have cracks in them but I don't know if that will be a problem as the wheels turn when running.
Item: csc008   Price: $8.99
Tyco U Turn Dodge Stealth
Dodge Stealth in jet black. The body is in great shape and it has a great shine on it. It has a U Turn chassis that allows the car to spin out and keep going in the opposite direction. It does run and has nice chrome wheels on it.
Item: csc009   Price: $12.99
Tyco Mustang #75
Ford Mustang in yellow and blue #75. There is a problem with the paint on the hood. The rest of the body is okay. It has a running HP-7 chassis that has great wheels and tires and a working headlight.
Item: csc010   Price: $13.99
Tyco Command Control Camaro F/C
Camaro F/C in yellow with prism tape. Cars top is sun faded. Sides are okay. Has scoop and parachute. Command Control chassis. Body in great shape. No cracks or cuts.
Item: csc019   Price: $9.99
Marchon Power Ranger Motorcycle
Power Ranger three wheel bike from the 1/48 scale battery powered Power Rangers set.  Red and white with driver.  Don't know if it runs but the chassis is complete. Cond 7.5.

Item: csc024   Price: $9.99
Tyco Command Control Peterbilt Cab
Red and white P Bilt with Command Control Chassis. Exhaust pipe tips gone but other than that it's not bad. It has a running chassis with working light but there is a gear train problem.
Item: csc027   Price: $9.99
Tyco Lamborghini Countach
Countach in yellow with black glass. The car is real nice. No issues. Has a running 440X2 chassis. It would display well.
Item: csc032   Price: $14.99
Peterbilt Cab in White Dark and Lite Blue
AFX Peterbilt tractor cab in the nice combination of white, dark and light blue. The driver side exhaust tip is gone and there is chrome loss in spots on all the chrome. The body and paint is nice. Has a running M/T chassis with the correct truck wheels and great tires.  Cond 7.5
Item: csc043   Price: $14.99
Aurora G+ Indy Special
Indy Special in black with multi colored stripes. The rear wing has been broken off and re attached.It is on there straight but you can see a line where it is broke. There are no stickers on the car. One mirror is missing. The rest of the body and all the paint is good as is the chrome. It has a running G+ chassis with silicone rear tires.
Item: csc044   Price: $14.99
Corvette in Niteglo With Green Stripes
Tyco 79 Corvette in Niteglo with green stripes #3. Missing left rear view mirror. The body is real nice as is the paint. Has the wrong front wheels on it. The chassis is a 440 that runs and has the sponge rear tires but there is no guide pin.
Item: csc047   Price: $11.99
Tyco 90 Corvette Nite Glo
90 ZR1 Corvette in Glo in Dark plastic with green stripes. Body and paint are real nice. Has a running 440X2 chassis.

Item: csc050   Price: $14.99
Pontiac Grand Prix stock car with STP as a sponsor. Blue, fluorescent orange and white #43. Made from 89-92. Car does not have the air dam. Has HP7 chassis with the correct blue wheels. Car is new old stock. Cond 9.
Item: csc053   Price: $14.99
Tyco Camel Datsun 280Z With No Wing
Tyco Datsun 280Z in tan with the Camel Cig as sponsor. Made after a real race car. Made in the early 80's. The body and paint are perfect but there is no back wing. It has a running 440X2 chassis. Cond 6.
Item: csc054   Price: $12.99
Tyco Datsun 280Z Budweiser
Budweiser Datsun in red white and blue #33. Replica of a real race car. Missing rear wing. Otherwise body is like new. Has a running 440X2 chassis that is in great shape with the correct white wheels and the original rear sponge tires. Cond 7.
Item: csc055   Price: $14.99
Porsche 935
Porsche 935 in black and red #5. This is a set only car. The 2 side window posts and pass front are slightly bent not broke. Has like new X2 chassis. Rest of body is nice. Cond 7.5.
Item: csc056   Price: $13.99
TYCO TCR Mustang Jam Car
Slotless TCR chassis. Ford Mustang as a jam car. Yellow and black with roof lights. Made in 1991-93. New old stock. Cond 9.5.


Item: csc057   Price: $14.99
Mustang Funny Car With Command Control Chassis
Tyco Mustang Funny car in blue and light blue with prism tape. #8. Has wear to the tape on the roof number. Small nick on the driver side quarter panel. Other than that the body and paint are real nice. It has a Command Control chassis that looks like new. It runs and the light works. Cond 8+.
Item: csc058   Price: $12.99
TYCO 1982 Camaro Z28 Street Car
Chevy 1982 Camaro street car. White black orange and red. Heavy wear to the pass side Z28. Driver side is good. Paint wear on rocker panels and back bumper edges. Has running HP7 chassis. Made from 82-83 only. Body nice. Cond 8.
Item: csc059   Price: $13.99
TYCO Lamborghini Blue Chrome
Lamborghini Countach in chrome plated blue. Came only in a 1993 set. Has running X2 chassis. There are five small chips in the plating on the body mostly on the mirrors and corners of the front bumper. Cond 8.
Item: csc064   Price: $12.99
TYCO 1940 Ford Coupe
1940 Ford Coupe in black with flames. Missing pass side exhaust pipe. Has the small front wheel wells that make it look a lot better. Has running Curvehugger chassis. Body is nice. Cond 8.
Item: csc066   Price: $14.99
Tyco Ultimate Police Car
Plymouth Police car in black and white #12. Radical racing version called the Ultimate Police Car. This is the version with the Police and emblem on the doors. Driver emblem has a small scratch in it. There are no side pipes. Has the roof lights. There is a blower coming out of the hood and a parachute on the back bumper. Front and rear bumpers have side chrome wear. There are 3 scratches in the trunk lid all in a row. Has a running Curvehugger chassis. Cond 7.
Item: csc067   Price: $12.99
TYCO Twin Mill In Red
Hot Wheels Twin mill turned into a slot car. All red with silver glass. Has running X2 chassis. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc069   Price: $14.99
Marchon #53 Corvette Silver 1993
Corvette with Amoco sponsor in silver and black #53. Has red numbers and logo. No provision for lights in front bumper. Chassis runs.  Scuffs on roof and paint wear on rear wing.  This is the 1993 version.  Part #22078.3 in the Marchon guide.  Cond 7.5
Item: csc072   Price: $12.99
Marchon #53 Corvette Silver 1992
Corvette with Amoco sponsor in silver & black #53. Has red numbers & logo. Has light insert in front bumper. Chassis runs but needs a tune. Body is real nice.  This is the 1992 version.  Part #22078.2 in the Marchon guide.  Cond 8+


Item: csc074   Price: $12.99
Marchon #27 Corvette Gold
Corvette in gold and black #27. Early MR-1 car. Made in 1988-1989 only. Slight scuffs on roof. Correct early MR1 chassis that runs. Cond 7.5.


Item: csc075   Price: $14.99
Marchon #27 Corvette Neon Green
Corvette in neon lime green with black #27. Made from 1990-1991 only. Chassis runs. Cond 8.5.



Item: csc076   Price: $14.99
Marchon #99 Corvette Blue
Corvette in blue and gray #99. Early running chassis. Slight scratch on roof. White wheels. Made from 1988-1989 only. Cond 8


Item: csc077   Price: $14.99
Marchon #99 Corvette Neon Yellow
Corvette in neon lemon yellow with black #99. White rims. Made from 1990-1991 only. Chassis runs. Paint wear on one corner of rear wing. Cond 8.


Item: csc078   Price: $14.99
MR1 Rescue 911 Explorer
Marchon Rescue 911 Ford Explorer in red. The body is like new. Has a running chassis with black wheels. Cond 8+
Item: csc079   Price: $12.99
Marchon "Mountain Rescue" Explorer
Ford Explorer from the Rescue 911 set. All white version with gold rims. Made in 1993 only. Came in a set only. The power pack and the terminal track are different and there is a circuit board on the chassis. I believe that is why it won't run on a regular power pack. Cond 8+.
Item: csc080   Price: $12.99
Marchon #45 Thunderbird
Thunderbird Stock Car. Yellow and blue with gold stripe #45. Has Zerex on quarter panel. Chassis runs. This is the 1992-1993 version.  Part #22098.3 in the Marchon guide.  Cond 8.


Item: csc081   Price: $12.99
Marchon #88 Thunderbird
T Bird with #88 in white blue and red with gold stripe. Fram on the hood. Chassis runs. This is the 1996 version by Empire with "Fram" on the hood instead of "Zerex."  Cond 8.


Item: csc084   Price: $12.99
Marchon Firebird White & Blue 1990-91 Version
This is the 1990-91 version of the white and blue #9 Firebird. It has light yellow stripes, no front light insert and gray rims. The chassis runs great and the body is real nice. Cond 8+.  Part #22101.2 in the Marchon guide.
Item: csc085   Price: $14.99
Marchon #9 Firebird with Red Stripe 1992-93
Pontiac Firebird with blue and red stripes on a white body. Zerex on the hood. Has paint crazing on driver door. (common on MR1's) Chassis runs.  This is the 1992-1993 version.  Part #22101.3 in the Marchon guide.  Cond 8.


Item: csc086   Price: $14.99
Marchon #35 Firebird Red and Silver
Firebird in red and silver #35. No front light provision.  This is the 1990-1991 version.  Part #22100.2 in the Marchon guide.  Chassis runs. Great shape. Cond 8+


Item: csc087   Price: $14.99
Marchon #35 Firebird Fram Red (Empire Variant)
Firebird in red & silver #35. Has Monroe in blue on roof and Fram on hood. Empire 1996 only version. Chassis runs.  The left mirror is broken.


Item: csc089   Price: $14.99
Marchon "Bad City" Thunderbird
Thunderbird in a Pro Street form. Has blower on motor coming out of the hood with a spoiler on the back, chromed out glass and silver wheels. All red with black accents around glass. Made by Empire from 1995-96 only. It is a set only car. Chassis runs. Cond 9+.
Item: csc091   Price: $14.99
Life-Like Generic NASCAR T Bird #51
Early T Bird NASCAR stocker in generic paint. Gray blue red and white #51. This is the hardest to find generic stock car before they started using real sponsors. Has running chassis. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.
Item: csc092   Price: $12.99
Life-Like Valvoline Taurus Stock Car #6
Taurus Stocker with Valvoline sponsor. White red and blue #6. Has running chassis. Body has scuff on driver headlight. No other problems. Cond 8.


Item: csc094   Price: $14.99
Life-Like Valvoline Grand Prix #10
NASCAR Grand Prix with Valvoline sponsor. White blue and red #10. Running chassis. Body nice. Cond 8.


Item: csc095   Price: $14.99
Life-Like Dodge Stocker With Dodge Sponsor #19
Dodge Intrepid NASCAR Stock car with Dodge as a sponsor. Red white & green #19. Car has running chassis. Body like new. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc096   Price: $14.99
Life-Like Dodge Intrepid Black & Silver Street Version
Dodge Intrepid in metallic black with silver glass. Street version of a NASCAR stocker. Has running chassis. Body real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc097   Price: $12.99
Life-Like Quaker State NAS Truck #24
NASCAR super truck with Quaker State as a sponsor. Green and white #24 with yellow and red stripes. Truck is new old stock but there are scuffs on the roof on the driver side back corner. Rest of the body is like new. Chassis is new. Cond 8.
Item: csc098   Price: $14.99
Life-Like Truckin America NAS Truck #89
NASCAR Super Truck with Truckin America sponsor. White red and blue #89. Has running chassis. Body is very nice. Cond 8.


Item: csc099   Price: $14.99
Life-Like T Bird NASCAR Stocker #92
Ford T Bird stock car with no sponsor. Red yellow black and white #92. Running Fast tracker chassis. Body nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc100   Price: $10.99
Rokar T Bird Stocker Red & Black #6
NASCAR T Bird stocker in red and black #6. Chassis does not run. Made in late 80's. Body real nice. Cond 8.


Item: csc103   Price: $10.99
Amrac Corvette #12 with Crossed Flags
Corvette #12 in white blue and red with crossed flags on hood. Made in the late 80's. Chassis runs. Scuff on roof. Cond 7.5.


Item: csc105   Price: $14.99
Micro Scalextric Peugeot F1
Peugeot F1 in yellow. Has rear wing and its supports broke off. The rest of the body and tampo print are like new. Has a Micro chassis but the pick up plate and braids are gone.
Item: csc106   Price: $9.99
TYCO Jeep CJ7 Yellow & Black
Jeep CJ7 in yellow and white with a black top and stripes. Has running non lighted HP2 chassis. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc112   Price: $14.99
TYCO Jeep CJ7 Red & Blue
Jeep CJ7 in red and blue. Has running HP2 chassis with working lights. Body is real nice. Cond 8.5.


Item: csc113   Price: $14.99
Indy #8
Indy car in white with orange stripe #8. Body and chrome are nice. Back wing support is all there. Has running B style chassis with good tires.
Item: tcr001   Price: $9.99
Indy Jam Car in Black
Indy TCR Jam car in black and white #19. Car still has the shrink wrap band around it. There is a scratch in the stripe on the front. I believe this car has never been run. Great chrome and rear wing support.
Item: tcr002   Price: $14.99
Can Am Racer in Yellow #2
Can Am style race car in yellow black and orange #2. Has lots of playwear. Has running A type chassis with red silicone rear tires.
Item: tcr005   Price: $5.99
Dodge Magnum B Car #23
Dodge Magnum in white and orange #23. Car is pretty nice. Just has very slight chrome wear. Has running A type chassis. Rear tires are hard.
Item: tcr020   Price: $10.99
Nova Stocker #11
Chevy Nova in white with black checkered stripes. Re d#11's. Has both bumpers. Paint fade on the roof numbers. Has new rear tires and is missing a pick up shoe. Body not bad.
Item: tcr022   Price: $6.99
Dirt Modified #55
Dirt modified body in blue and yellow #55 Has both bumpers and chrome. Body is very nice. Has a like new running A type chassis. Real nice car.
Item: tcr031   Price: $14.99
Dukes of Hazard Cop Car
All white cop car from the TV series Dukes of Hazard. Body, chrome and decals are all very nice. Would display well. No pickup shoes but chassis is complete and I believe it would run.
Item: tcr035   Price: $12.99
Ford Jam Van in Yellow
TCR Ford Van in yellow with black and white stripes. Missing roof rack and spare tire in back.  Body is not bad and there is slight chrome wear. Jam style chassis and it runs. Has all new tires on it.
Item: tcr040   Price: $6.99
Micro Scalextric #9 McLaren Mercedes
#9 McLaren Mercedes by Micro Scalextric.  No rear wing.  Minor wear from use.  Tires are hard and cracking.  Front tires loose on rims.  Chassis runs fine.
Item: M220   Price: $8.99
Rokar Corvette #11
Has typical light wear from use. Mounted on a working Life-Like chassis. The plastic light socket is there.
Item: X104 Price: $14.99