Vibe AC Controller
Used for Vibe sets. AC current only. Green
Item: con001   Price: $2.99
Vibe AC Controller
Used for Vibe sets. AC current only. Gray
Item: con002   Price: $2.99
Aurora T Jet Steering Wheel Control in Gray with Words
Aurora T Jet steering wheel style control. Gray with off slow & fast on dial. Has brake switch and forward reverse control. The only way to race T Jets. All screws present and it works. Steering wheel can be chrome or black.
Item: con003   Price: $7.99
Aurora Plunger Style Controller
Aurora plunger controller in orange. Rare color.  Maybe from the Sand Van set. Shows correct ohms. Good condition but has to be cleaned.

Two available.

Item: con008   Price: $6.99
T Jet Snowmobile Set Controllers
From the Snowmobile set are these controllers. Blue and white with the other being reverse colors. They are in great shape. They have been tested and the both work. Price is for the pair.
Item: con009   Price: $19.99
T Jet Plunger Controller
Aurora T Jet plunger controller in tan.

Item: con011   Price: $2.49
Aurora Light Yellow Russkit Control
Aurora brand Russkit control in light yellow. Rare color.  The wire harness is a much better wire than the original.  Great shape.


Item: con015   Price: $6.99
Rebuilt AFX Controller
This is the 45 ohm Russkit AFX controller in yellow. They have been taken apart, the cases dip cleaned, resistor blocks tested, wire harnesses routed and taped and re assembled. They are then tested for any sticking throttles and proper operation. If the wires were split into two shrink wrap tubing was applied. They have scratches on them but there is no paint, glue, stickers, decals, magic markers or rubber band remains on them. They look really nice and work great. Guaranteed.
Item: con016   Price: $5.99
Aurora Orange Russkit Control
Aurora brand Russkit control. The standard orange one with 45 ohms resistor inside. Great for AFX, TYCO, G Plus. Nice condition.



Item: con017   Price: $3.99
AFX Russkit Controller New in Box
AFX Russkit hand controller in yellow and 45 ohm resistor. Item is brand new in the box. Use it or display it.


Item: con018   Price: $9.99
Aurora Control Plus Controller
Aurora brand controller called Control Plus. It is a high performance design with built in brake wire that if used will make your car stop on a dime and a control dial that lets you change resistance to adapt to a track layout or chassis design. These really work well and I have been using the same one for years so it is very dependable. It is new in the box and has the same design as the Russkit controls that Aurora bought. The control dial is a real nice feature and you will see it work when you move it. Made around 1970.
Item: con019   Price: $22.99
Xcellerators Controller
Use for Xcellerator sets only.
Item: con020   Price: $0.99
AFX Small Yellow Controller
Smaller in size for a kids hand. Has two prong plug.
Item: con023   Price: $2.99
AFX Small Blue Controller
Smaller in size for a kids hand. Has a two prong plug.
Item: con024   Price: $2.99
Jim Russkit High Performance Hand Controller
Russkit brand high performance controller for slot cars. These are a lot different that the AFX set ones. These have a 15 ohm resistor in them for very hot armatures. They also have a metal pin to anchor the trigger to the body. It is wired for a brake also with the third wire. I took these apart and cleaned and re soldered all the connections. Lubed the trigger pins and cleaned the resistor wires. They work perfect and will stay that way for a long time. All parts are still original. Three available.
Item: con025   Price: $19.99
Russkit Hand Controller From The Sixties
This is a Russkit professional hand controller from the sixties. Not a remake. It is in great shape. The resistor in it reads around 10 ohms making it to be used for hot rewinds or big scale motors. It is molded in a very cool metalflake blue plastic. The inside components are all assembled on a metal frame. No pins in the cases for the trigger. Big cooling openings on the top to remove heat and keep your hand cool. Very smooth trigger movement. Designed to be rugged and durable. Has the original cable with the third red wire for brakes. A great blast from the past to use or display.
Item: con026   Price: $29.99
Aurora Ultra 5 Controller
Ultra 5 controller for the Ultra 5 slotless racing sets. Has steering wheel to change direction. I know the controller powers the car to go down the track and it does make the wheels steer as I hooked it up but I'm really not sure how this slotless track worked. Controller in good shape. Two available
Item: con030   Price: $4.99
Scalextric Brand Plunger Style Control
I believe it is a Scalextric but not sure. Plunger design. Green and white in color. If you collect controls here is one for you. Tested and works.  Two available.
Item: con039   Price: $4.99
Unknown Controller With Cool Design
I have no idea what brand this is. It has a MPH gauge on top with a pointer. Trigger arm built in for two fingers. Has a c clip connector and a blade type connector on the end of the wires. Any help on what this is would be appreciated.
Item: con047   Price: $3.99
AC Gilbert Pedal Style Controller
AC Gilbert. Maybe for 1/32nd cars. It is a gas pedal that you push to run the car. Has a speedometer built in on the top.  Tested and works.  Good shape.  Two available.
Item: con049   Price: $4.99
Old and Early Scalextric? Hand Controller
Early style plunger type controller. Not sure of the brand but I think it is a old Scalextric for big scale cars. It says British Copyright on the bottom. Very strange design. The label is worn on it.  Tested and works.
Item: con051   Price: $4.99
Eldon Speed Control
Original Eldon brand control with 0-160 MPH scale with indicator on the top. Great shape.

Two available.

Item: con052   Price: $4.99
Matchbox LJN Lion Force Set Controllers
Set only pair of controllers from the Lion Force set. Has a 4 plug connector. Price is for the pair.
Item: con054   Price: $7.99
Ideal Brand Controller
Ideal controller but not sure for what set. Maybe TCR's. Has a two blade connector. Good condition.
Item: con058   Price: $3.99
TYCO 4 Speed Shifter Control
TYCO brand controller that was unique as it is a four speed shifter design. The resistance changes in every gear giving you more torque in first to get moving and top speed in fourth. Made for the TYCO Pro cars in the early 70's. A cool idea but its performance was terrible. More of a collector piece than a item to use.  This item is used but in good condition and it works.  Try it or display it.
Item: con064   Price: $12.99
TYCO Early Control In Red
Early style TYCO control. Red color. Mainly came with TYCO PRO sets. Nice cond.
Item: con070   Price: $2.99
TYCO Early Control In White
Early style TYCO control in white. From TYCO PRO era. Nice shape.


Item: con071   Price: $2.99
TYCO Yellow Control
Common TYCO brand control in yellow. Small size but works good. Good condition.


Item: con074   Price: $1.99
TYCO Black Control
Common TYCO brand control. Made for sets and for kids. Small in size but works well. Nice shape.


Item: con076   Price: $1.99
Mattel Hand Controllers With 3 Position Setting
Mattel controller with 3 position setting so kids don't go flying off as much. It regulates the amount of volts that go to the track. Item is brand new.  These controllers are for battery power supply.
Item: con080   Price: $2.99
Marusan Pair of Controllers in Boxes
Pair of Marusan steering wheel controllers. Same as Atlas and will work with Atlas tracks. There are small melt marks on both controllers above the speedometer. Don't know what they are from and they are on the bottom of the controllers also but these can't be seen. Not tested but I will before they are sold. Boxes are in good condition but the cellophane is torn on both. Easy replacement if you want to display them. Price is for both.
Item: con090   Price: $13.99
Marusan Steering Wheel Controller in Box
Rare slot collectible is this Marusan controller. It is the original that Atlas copied for their sets. It is in great condition on the top. On the bottom are melt marks from soldering or whatever. They can't be seen on the top. It comes with the original box which is in real nice shape. It would be a great display item.
Item: con084   Price: $19.99
Atlas Steering Wheel Controller
Atlas version of the steering wheel controller.Gray with maroon wheel. Yellow pedals. Foil stickers are there and nice. Shifter handle is also there. Use it or display it.  Tested and it works.
Item: con085   Price: $12.99
Atlas Steering Wheel Controller
Atlas controller in red with white wheel. Shifter handle is there and the foil stickers are also and in great shape. Use it or display it.  Tested and it works.

Item: con086   Price: $12.99
TOMY Standard Set Controller
Standard issue controller for TOMY brand race sets. Has terminal plug and it works.  This is the Japanese version and the cord is almost twice as long as the standard US version giving you a lot more travel to move the controller without putting it down.
Item: con095   Price: $4.99
Tomy Metallic Blue Controller from Indy 500 Set
This auction is for one Tomy Japanese metallic blue controller. It is identical to the standard Tomy controller except for the color. These metallic blue controllers were only included in the Japanese Indy 500 set. Never used. Other controller is shown only to compare the color and not included.
Item: X500   Price: $4.99
Cox 1/24th Scale Controller
I guess this was THE controller to use for the big scale cars as it was very popular. Made in the mid 60's when slot cars ruled. I will test it to make sure it works. It is in very good condition and it comes with the original instruction sheet. Has quick connect alligator clips on it. A very dependable controller.
Item: con105   Price: $19.99
High Performance Big Scale Controller By Fred
I guess Fred worked for Russkit back in the 60's and they told him to design a good controller and this is what he came up with. Thumb plunger style still used in the mid 60's. It has a 25 ohm resistor so it can be used on a hot armature HO scale car also. I took it apart and cleaned and re soldered all the wiring and added some new wire terminals also. It works perfect and shows 25 ohms. Very smooth action and instant response. It is wired for a brake and has the third wire for it. I have 3 alligator clips which is what they used but I am just including them as today you would probably use a phono plug. It is in great shape. Use it or display it.
Item: con106   Price: $29.99





Aurora 20 Volt Power Pack
Aurora brand power pack with the 20 volt supply instead of the more common 18 volt. This unit is putting out 20.7 volts.  Gives the cars more speed. Has on off switch built in. Item is used but is guaranteed to work.


Item: ppl001   Price: $10.99
Atlas Power Pack18 Volt
Atlas power pack with 18 volt output. Great if you need one to complete a rare set or use it. It has been tested and works fine.
Item: ppl002   Price: $9.99
TOMY High Performance Power Pack
TOMY brand power pack for Super G+ and Turbo cars. High performance version. Has plug in terminal connector. Unit plugs into the wall. Guaranteed to work.


Item: ppl003   Price: $11.99
Marchon MR1 Power Pack DV-1645
MR1 power pack. Part number DV-1645. Measures correct output.


Item: ppl004   Price: $6.99
Marchon Power Pack
Marchon MR1 power pack. Specs are 15 volt DC output. Part # SS48-150-0850D Works and is quiet.


Item: ppl005   Price: $6.99
Marchon Power Pack
Marchon MR1 brand for its sets. Measures correct voltage output.



Item: ppl006   Price: $6.99
Rare AFX Pink Power Pack
Rare 18 volt power pack made by Aurora for the AFX cars before the wall packs came out. It is putting out over 18 volts. Has on off switch.


Item: ppl007   Price: $14.99
AFX Wall Pack Power Supply
AFX brand wall pack design power supply for AFX track. Has correct output voltage and is quiet. Has terminal plug on cord.


Item: ppl008   Price: $2.99
ATLAS Power Pack
Atlas brand power pack. Has 16 volt put reading and is quiet. Good condition.


Item: ppl009   Price: $7.99
T Jet 18 Volt Power Pack
The most widely used power pack from Aurora. Has on off switch as is putting out over 18 volts. This is an early one as it is copper in color.


Item: ppl010   Price: $9.99
T Jet 18 Volt Power Pack
Same as ppl010 but not as good looking shape. It is putting out correct voltage though. Works good.


Item: ppl011   Price: $7.99
Aurora Rare Small Power Pack For T Jets
This is the only one I have seen of this style power pack. Made by Aurora for T Jets it is about 2/3rds the size of the normal one. It is orange and white. It is rated at 13.5 volts and it is putting out more than that. More of a strange display item than for using. Good shape with some wear.
Item: ppl012   Price: $8.99
Tomy/AFX Japan Power Pack
Rare power pack of the transition from AFX to Tomy when the Japanese bought it. Says AFX on the front and Tomy on the back. Has long wall cord and also a cord that plugs right into the terminal track. Can be used with US sets as the voltage is 120. It puts out 18 volts and is in great shape.
Item: ppl013   Price: $17.99
James Bond AC Gilbert Power Pack
Rare power pack from the 1/32nd scale James Bond race set made by AC Gilbert. They bought the chassis and power pack from Aurora though. It is putting out a little more than 12 volt as its listing states. There is surface rust on it.
Item: ppl014   Price: $24.99
Lionel Power Pack With Top Terminals
Lionel brand power pack with the terminals on top. It is putting out the correct voltage and is quiet. Good shape.


Item: ppl015   Price: $7.99
Lionel Power Pack With Side Terminals
Lionel brand power pack with the terminals on the sides. Has correct voltage and is quiet. Nice condition.


Item: ppl016   Price: $7.99
TYCO PRO Power Pack
TYCO power pack made for the TYCO PRO cars. Has correct 18 volt putput. Very nice condition.


Item: ppl017   Price: $7.99
TYCO PRO Power Pack
TYCO brand power pack for TYCO PRO cars. Has correct voltage reading but not as good looking as ppl018.


Item: ppl018   Price: $5.99
TYCO Power Pack
Comon power pack made by TYCO for their sets. Has correct output voltage and is quiet. Has terminal plug on the cord. Very nice shape.


Item: ppl019   Price: $4.99
Tyco US1 Power Pack
Tyco power pack for the US1 truck sets. Has 7.9 volts for output along with the US1 style connector. The regular Tyco power pack put out a lot more volts. It is quiet and has the right voltage. There are scratches on the case. Cord and connector are good.
Item: ppl020   Price: $7.99
Mattel Battery Box Power Supply
Brand new Mattel battery box.
Item: ppl021   Price: $0.99
AFX Wall Pack With Clip on Terminal Piece
AFX Wall pack with built in terminal section that you can put anywhere on your layout. Looks and works like new.
Item: ppl023   Price: $4.99
Model Rectifier Racepack Power Supply Model 361
This is a high performance and very well built power pack for big scale slot cars. It is made by Model Rectifier Corp and is called the Racepack. Model # 361. It features a 12 and 24 volt range that you control by a switch along with an on/off switch and a pilot light. Output is 4 amps at 12 volts and 2 amps at 24 volts. It can run three individual lanes at once. I tested it and all three hookups show the correct voltage. The case is in real nice shape as is the cord. It is very well made.
Item: ppl030 Price: $34.99






Very Cool and Rare KF Dynomometer New In Box
KF brand slot car Dynomometer. Model #140. Made for 1/32nd and 1/24th scale slot cars. Lets you do off track testing. Has a dual range of 35 or 70 feet per second. It records actual car speed. Assembles quick and is compactly constructed using extremely scratch resistant plastic. The car sits on two rails with the rear wheels on a roller like a real Dyno. It has a vertical gauge to give the readings. Simple and accurate. This item is new in the box never been used. It has the instructions and all parts are in perfect shape. The box is very nice also with no tears or creases but there are light stains on it. I have to assume it was made in the 60's when these big scale cars were king. Not many of these around. Great for a serious racer or display it. Cond 10.
Item: mit001   Price: $199.99
Strombecker 1/24th Scale Electric Lap Counter
From the 60's is this Strombecker electric lap counter for 1/24th scale track. I don't have any idea how to hook it up but it works similar to a T Jet style where it needs a separate piece of track that is dead to the rest of the layout and has it's own power source. There are two wires coming out the back for each lane. One is just a lead and one has a eyelet connector on it. I hooked it up to a power pack and it does work. Pretty well actually. It counts up to 50 laps. There are two wheels with the lap numbers on them that show up through the windows on the front wall. It is in great condition and has all it's stickers except for one pane on the walk in door. If you think you can figure out how it works I can guarantee it does work.
Item: mit002 Price: $39.99
Lionel Pacesetter Timer
Lionel brand timing unit. Not sure what it is supposed to do as I have no instructions. Looks like you race against it. There is power connections in the back that go to the track. It has a kill switch so you can shut it off from the track. Also has a on off switch and a dial timer with a 0 to 9 scale. It winds like a clock. The dial works, the kill switch works and the on off switch works. It is in great condition and has the cardboard that goes underneath it. Great to use or display. Another cool accessory for slots from the 60's. Cond 8+.
Item: mit003   Price: $34.99
Aurora T Jet Electric Lap Counter
One of the coolest accessories Aurora made was this electric lap counter. It counts up to 100 laps pretty accurately. This one has been tested and it works fine. It does have scratches from use and there is a dent on the very top of it. It is not a crack. It comes with the special trip track that counts the laps. This is a dead piece of track to the rest of the layout. Also included is a copy of the instruction sheet and the locks and joiners. Cosmetically not perfect but mechanical it's as good as any.
Item: mit004   Price: $49.99
Aurora A Jet Electric Lap Counter and Track
Rare A Jet electric lap counter for the big scale cars. Counter is white for the A Jets. It is exact as far as the internal parts and the wiring as a T Jet version. The photo doesn't show the lane indicator signs but I have them. It has been tested and works great. The counter and paint on it are in great shape. The dead track section is also included and is in very nice shape. Also comes with the original blue and white hook up wire. I also am including a wiring diagram to set it up.
Item: mit005   Price: $89.99
Tomy Japan Lap Counter 1977
Japan Tomy/AFX lap counter. Counts 50 laps. Just set it anywhere on your layout. It is very accurate and needs no power source. It is like new condition. Made in 1977.
Item: mit006   Price: $9.99
Tyco Trestles or Bridge Supports
Tyco trestles. Three different sizes.


Item: mit008   Price: $0.20ea
Eldon Bridge Supports - Four Lane HO or Bigger Scale
Three Eldon bridge supports. Two different sizes. Maybe for a 4 lane HO or a bigger scale. Orange in color.  Price is for all three.
Item: mit009   Price: $1.00
Tomy Bridge Supports That Pivot
Tomy brand bridge supports. There are two sizes. They are able to pivot at the hinge point. Choice of gray or orange color.  They can be stacked on top of each other and bent at an angle. Great for banked turns and transition straights.  Price is for one.
Item: mit010   Price: $0.89
Aurora T Jet 4 And 2 Lane Bridge Supports
Aurora T Jet style modular bridge supports. In 4 lane or 2 lane versions. These are nice as you can run a track under them. In orange or gray. Limited supply. Some will be discolored from age but none will be cracked. Also available are the button height extenders in both colors.

4 lane 1.24 each
2 lane .69 each
Extender Buttons .20 each
Item: mit011    
Aurora T Jet Bridge Posts T Style
Aurora T Jet original T style bridge posts. In 3 different sizes. Orange or gray in colors. Also available are the block extenders.

Any size or color .59 each.
Block extenders .20 each

Item: mit012    
Tyco Guard Rails
Original Tyco brand guard rails. In lime green, dark and light yellow colors. No broken clips.


Item: mit014   Price: $0.25ea
AFX In Track Guard Rails
AFX guard rails that pushed into the track. Orange/yellow color. No broken tabs.
Item: mit015   Price: $0.25ea
Tomy Regular Guard Rails
Tomy regular guard rails in orange. These are very pliable and have no broken connectors. Full size and half size available.

.39 full size
.19 half size

Item: mit017   Price: $0.39
Aurora Original Guard Rails
Aurora guard rails in orange or white. No broken clips.


Item: mit022   Price: $0.49ea
Model Motoring Late Style Car Case
Late style T Jet car case. Item in poor condition. The vinyl has shrunk and split leaving the cardboard showing on the cover. The button snap will not close either. Has wear on the vinyl. Inside plastic case is okay.


Item: mit035   Price: $5.99
AFX Pit Kit in Orange
This is a AFX pit kit in orange. It holds 7 cars. It comes with the handle and is in good shape. The 3 hinges are good. It would need a light clean inside. It has three stickers on the outside that will come off very easily.
Item: mit036 Price: $10.99
AFX Pit Kit
AFX late version of the Pit Kit. Black with AFX logo on the top. It has numerous compartments for cars controller and parts. The hinge is all there but opens easy. It is in good condition.
Item: mit038 Price: $9.99
Orange T Jet Pit Kit
Not too common T Jet pit kit in orange. Cover hinge and inside lids are nice. Has the carry handle. Holds 8 cars.  Very nice shape. Cond 8.
Item: mit042   Price: $19.99
Speedline Car Carry Case With Clear Top
Aurora Speedline carry case in blue with clear plastic sliding top. Has heavy scratches in the clear top but not cracked. Holds 15 Speedline or T Jet cars. Cond 7.5.
Item: mit044   Price: $19.99
Hot Wheels 24 Car Carry Case
Handy case for carrying up to 24 slot cars. Made in 1982. Case is in very good shape with the button snap and all the vinyl outside having no tears. Inside bins have no breaks. The Hot Wheels logo on the cover has been whited out. Needs to be cleaned.
Item: mit045   Price: $5.99
6 Aurora O Gauge Speed Corners
Set of 6 O gauge speed corners. All have at least one track attaching clip or fence attaching clip missing. They would still work well.  Price is for all six.


Item: mit050   Price: $5.99
Aurora T Jet Speed Corners
T Jet speed corners that replace guard rails. Most of them have all 3 clips. Some are missing one but will still work fine. I will sell the best to the first one who wants them. Two different sizes 9" (need two for a 1/4 circle) and 6" (one needed per track piece).
Limited number available.
Item: mit052   Price: $0.74ea
Tomy Jet Launcher Only Sold in the United Kingdom
This is a very cool accessory from Tomy that was only sold in the UK. It is the Jet Launcher lap counter. It works by locking the two levers that launch the planes. By using the thumb wheels on both sides you can set the laps from 1 to 10 for each race. When racing the two entry ramps are lifted up. When the next to last lap is done the ramps drop down and then the cars go up the ramps and into the launcher. The one that hits the inside wall first triggers the launcher for that lane and that plane gets shot into the air and glides until it lands signifying the winner of the race. The compartment that the cars drive into has two sponges so the cars won't get damaged and they are in perfect condition. All the stickers are on the launcher and it is in great shape. It has been tested and it all works. The planes are in great shape also which is rare as they are made of styrofoam and easily broken. The compartment that the cars go into has a hinged lid on top so you can remove the cars easily. Comes with the instruction manual and the special 15" straight piece of track. Very rare item in the US as it was never sold here. This is for Tomy style track.
Item: mit058   Price: $129.99
AFX Ryder Trucks Terminal Station NOS
Ryder Truck accessory that also came in the sets. It is a container terminal that actually works. It will remove and install the truck containers from the trailers when you park under it. It comes with the green trucking container also. Item is still factory sealed on the card. The card has creases but the plastic is not torn. Use it or display it.  The white plastic tray has 2 cracks in it on the right side. It is only used for holding the items so they have support for shipping. It is not needed to use the item.
Item: mit060   Price: $59.99
AFX/Tomy Japan Sound Box
From the transition time when Japan/Tomy bought AFX is this sound box. Similar to the bleacher sound box from the US is this one that is a pit garage. It has two bid advantages to the US version. One it controls two lanes instead of one and a big feature is it has a volume control and it can be turned off completely with a switch. It is for AFX style track and is a quick hook up as it uses the yellow two prong connectors. It basically splices in between the controllers and the track. This item is new in the box. and comes with the instruction sheet and the extra stickers that go on the building. The box is not in great shape. It is dirty and and has a crease in it but it's 40 years old. Made it 1978. It would display well or try it out. This is a very rare piece as it only was sold in Japan.
Item: mit068   Price: $84.99
Assortment of 1/24th Accessories
Pylons, flags which I think can go in the pylons, and five figures for 1/24th scale slot layouts. You get everything in the photo.
Item: mit069 Price: $4.99
Ideal TCR Teeter Totter Jump/Bypass Obstacle
This is from a Ideal TCR set from Japan. I'm not sure this item was offered in the US. It is an obstacle teeter totter style jump ramp with a cutout in it that would let you make the jump or if you are good enough to steer the car through the opening and go under it. It is a two piece setup that clips to the track section. You can put it on any straight piece of track on your layout. There is a stress mark in the ramp but it is not cracked and does not affect the operation of it. This will only work on slotless track as a car with a guide pin will hang up when it hits the ramp. Included also are a set of bridge supports. I do not know if this will work on other slotless track like Tyco. I can't see why it wouldn't though.
Item: mit070   Price: $14.99
Ideal TCR Flags and Obstacle Pylons
This is a set of Ideal TCR flag poles and flag stickers and six obstacle pylons to put on the track. They are all new on the sprue tree except one flag and pole have been assembled.
Item: mit071   Price: $4.29
AJ'S Tire and Track Cleaner
This is the stuff the commercial racetracks back then wouldn't let you use. If you had sponge tires this stuff would make them a lot better than silicones. The bottle is about 1/3rd full and the lettering is in great condition on the bottle. Use it or display it.
Item: mit074   Price: $2.99
Slot Car Shut Down Signs
I think these came from a big scale set and maybe made by Strombecker. They are a set of shut down marker signs. They would tell a driver how much straight is left before a turn came up. They would start at 300 feet and go down to 100. There are 5 1's, 2 2's and 4 3's. Great scenery items to add to a layout. They could be used for a HO layout also.
Item: mit075   Price: $3.99
Three HO Scale Street Lights
These are HO scale street lights that have grain of wheat bulbs in them. Probably from the 60's. I can see at least one bulb won't work but if you replace them they would be a great addition to a race layouts realism. Price is for all three.
Item: mit076 Price: $5.99
Original Decal Sheet for Aurora T Jet Grandstand Model Kit
This is an original decal sheet to the T Jet Grandstand model kit. It has discoloration to it and one sign is half worn off. Somebody might need this to complete the kit. It shows the Aurora part number to the kit on the back side.
Item: mit085 Price: $4.99
Original AFX Pit Stop Decal Sheet
This is an original decal sheet that came in the AFX Pit Stop model kit. There are a lot more manufacturers on it along with other sponsor logos. The Mercury, Ford, Dodge and Plymouth decals have wear to them. The sheet is also discolored but it is about 50 years old. The back side shows the Aurora part number to the kit. It's not perfect but might be needed to complete a kit.
Item: mit086 Price: $7.99
Original T Jet Pit Stop Decal Sheet
This is an original decal sheet for the T Jet Pit Stop model Kit. It is in great condition and might be needed by someone to complete the kit. It shows the Aurora kit part number on the back side.
Item: mit087 Price: $9.99
Cool 40's Coupe Decal
Made by Impko this is a cool decal of a 40's coupe. Made in the 60's. It is in great condition and is sealed in the factory bag. It comes with an instruction sheet also. Measures about 21/2 by 31/2 inches.
Item: mit088 Price: $2.99
PSE Ball Bearing Oil
New in the package is #70261 F-1 Oiler by PSE. Used on ball bearings for big scale slot cars but it works well on parts that need lubrication also including HO scale. Distributed by Parma. Has a needle tube for precise applications.
Item: mit090 Price: $5.99
Tamiya Silicone Damper Oil For R/C Shocks
This is a 3 tube set of different viscocity silicone oil for the shocks on Radio Controller cars. Made by Tamiya they are new on the card. This is the medium set with viscocities of 500 600 and 700. Used to set up the shocks for different race courses.
Item: mit091 Price: $9.99
Nihon Racing System Race Oil
This is a special formula oil designed by Nihon Racing Systems from Japan for HO scale slot cars. Thin with great adhering qualities. Item is new in the box. Never used.
Item: mit092 Price: $5.99
Plafit Universal 1/24 Slot Car Motor
This is a universal 1/24th scale slot car motor made by Plafit. It is new on the card. Model 8635 called the Fox. Specs are 26,000 RPM, 187 Grams/CM torque with a 2 MM shaft. Red and blue two wire connector. Try it out on a custom you might be making.
Item: mit095 Price: $7.99
28 Flag Stickers and Flag Poles
Twenty-eight colored flag stickers and flag poles for decorating a slot car layout.  These were included in selected Life-Like sets and would fit in the mounting holes on the guard rails. 

One available.

Item: X501   Price: $4.00
Aurora R.R. Crossing Box
Aurora Rail Road Crossing box with Vibrator era cover photo.  Box has typical wear from age and handling.  There is a small tear on the front near the train.  My guess is that is where the price tag was located and the original owner pulled it off.  Side edges slightly bow out.  Price is crossed out on right side and marked "1.98".  Box only.


Item: X502   Price: $9.99
Life-Like Dickerson Station Model Building
Life-Like "Dickerson Station" model building. This is a snap together model building. Still sealed in plastic bag. There is no box. A picture of a box is shown to show the completed building, but no box is included. Instructions are included inside the bag.
Item: X503 Price: $9.99
Life-Like General Store Model Building
Life-Like "General Store" model building. This is a model building that must be assembled with glue. Still sealed in plastic bag. There is no box. A picture of a box is shown to show the completed building, but no box is included. Instructions are included inside the bag.
Item: X504 Price: $9.99