Card of Original T Jet Truck Tires Missing One
Aurora original parts for T Jets. Card of 12 missing one pack of truck tires. There are four tires to each pack. These are the knobby sided style tires. A couple of creases on some of the packs. Has 1963 date on the card. Use them or display them.
Item: par002   Price: $24.99
Card of Original Truck Hubs For T Jets Missing Two
Original Aurora card of truck hubs. Card is missing two sets. These hubs look like Hot Rod wheels with no chrome. They are yellow. These fit the knobby style tires. A couple of packs are creased but the parts are factory sealed new. There are 4 hubs to a pack.
Item: par003   Price: $19.99
Original T Jet Oil
This is a bottle that is almost full of original red T Jet oil. There was something about this stuff that made it work really good. The label is on the bottle but is oil stained.
Item: par004   Price: $5.99
Six Sets Of Original AURORA T Jet Car Wheels On Card
Here is a set of six sets of T Jet car wheels still mounted on the original factory card. There are four sets of wheels in each pack. It gives you the capability of putting that finishing touch on six of your T Jets. New chrome wheels really makes your T Jets look better on display. Use them or display them.
Item: par005   Price: $29.99
T Jet Standard Wheel Set
Standard wheel set for the T Jets. Puts the finishing touch on a rare T Jet. New on the card.
Item: par006   Price: $6.99
AFX Maintenance and Test Kit New In Box
AFX Maintenance and test kit that is new in box. The box was just taped from the factory and one piece broke so I was able to remove the kit for photos. The kit is still in it factory sealed bag. It contains a screwdriver, the combination tool and circuit tester a bottle of the X2C oil a quickee 3 way lock tool 4 track cleaning pads and sandpaper. It is all stored in a folding vinyl pouch. Great for display. Item is new.
Item: par007   Price: $32.99
TOMY Turbo Cars Tune Up Kit
Aurora TOMY brand replacement parts kit for TURBO cars. New on the card. Comes with two rear tires, rear axle with gear and spacer, pick up shoes and springs, pinion gear and guide pin. Nice kit. Use it or display it.


Item: par008   Price: $12.99
TOMY Super G+ Tune Up Kit
TOMY brand tune up kit for the Super G+ cars. Comes with four pick up shoes, two pick up springs, two rear tires, two guide pins, rear axle with gear spacer and wheels and the pinion gear. Nice kit. New on card factory sealed.


Item: par009   Price: $12.99
TYCO Pro Front Wheels and Tires Full Card
TYCO brand replacement parts for TYCO Pro cars. This is a full card of twelve front wheels and tires for TYCO Pros. How many people out there need a few sets of these. They are always missing especially the tires. Make your cars look new again or better yet display this item. It has a few creased packs but overall it is in great shape.
Item: par010   Price: $59.99
TYCO Pro Drop Arm & Weight For Early Black Pan Full Card
Here is a full card of six original TYCO parts for TYCO Pro cars. This is the drop arm, retainer and weight for the early TYCO Pro black pan chassis. New old stock, the card is just about mint. Great for display or use them.


Item: par011   Price: $24.99
LaGanke High Performance pick Up Shoes For T Jets
This is a pair of weighted and silver plated pick up shoes for the T Jet chassis. Brand new from LaGanke back in the 60's.
Item: par012   Price: $5.99
Vibe Wheel Set in Chrome New
Vibe wheels set with axles in original bag. These are the chrome wheels not the painted ones. They look great on any Vibe you put them on.
Item: par013   Price: $7.99
AJ's Silicone Rear Tires for TCR and Matchbox
New on the card AJ's rear silicone tires for Ideal TCR or Matchbox. If you race these brands these will definitely help.
Item: par014   Price: $4.99
AJ's Hop Up Tire Kit For Tyco Pro Cars
Tyco Pro tire hop up kit made by AJ's from the 1960's. It comes with rear sponge tires mounted on screw on spun aluminum wheels. The axle is threaded and the kit comes with the jamb nuts. Also in the kit are two front O-Ring front tires and a decal sheet. Display it or use it.
Item: par016   Price: $10.99
AJ's Radical Wide Sponge Rear Tires and Axle
AJ's Radical sponge tires. These were the widest tire allowed in HO racing clubs in the 60's and 70's. They are very wide. They are bonded to spun aluminum rear wheels and they are mounted to a threaded axle with jamb nuts. This item is in like new condition.
Item: par017   Price: $12.99
AJ's Unknown Silicone Rear Tires
Still on the card is this set of AJ's silicone rear tires. There is no part number on it so I'm not sure what it they fit. They are HO scale and look to be the width of a Aurora G+ or Tyco 440 but a low profile.
Item: par018   Price: $1.99
MURA High Performance Brushes For T Jets
For all you HO racers from the 60's these should bring back memories. This is a full card of twelve sets of MURA Hi Perf brushes for the T Jets. They are made of copper. What is really cool about them is they are notched like AFX so they don't spin. These were out before AFX! These are very rare to find especially a full card of twelve. The card is just about mint so it would be a great display item or use them.
Item: par019   Price: $79.99
MURA High Performance Pick Up Shoes For T Jets
Here is a really neat item for all you T Jet racers from the 60's. This is a full card of twelve sets of T Jet pick up shoes that are weighted and shunted. You solder the wire to the brush side of the chassis for maximum current flow. No voltage drop with these. These are made by MURA. One of the main companies that made Hi Perf pats back then. The shoes have solder on them on the top side where they make contact with the track rails giving them more pressure to make better contact. A very cool item from the days when slots ruled the world. This card is just about mint and it's full. It would be a great item to display or use them. There is a couple of notches on the top right of the card.
Item: par020   Price: $79.99
Russell/Maxx Bare Chassis on the Card
New on the card Russell /Maxx bare chassis. Radical one of a kind chassis that used old Aurora G+ parts. Great to display or maybe you can use it.
Item: par021   Price: $29.99
Aurora Slimline Chassis and Gearplate
Slimline chassis and gear plate.  Items are brand new.


Item: par023   Price: $13.99
T Jet Slimline Gearplate New On Card
Very hard to get Slimline gearplate new on the card.


Item: par024   Price: $7.99
Tyco Pro Oil Pen New on Card
Original Oil Pen for Tyco pro cars. New on the card. Item # 8861. Great for display.


Item: par025   Price: $6.99
Aurora Super II Blue and Yellow Magnets
New on the card Super II blue and yellow magnets. Far stronger than anything Aurora made. They really snap together. A must need for total performance. Gives great braking as well as increased power.
Item: par026   Price: $14.99
Tomy Japanese Pick Up Shoes and Springs Kit on Card
Complete new on card Tomy pick up shoes and springs. Japanese version. Includes 16 pick up shoes and 6 springs. Use them or display them. The card has a crease in it from top to bottom on the right side. It is not torn and hard to see but it is there. The clear bubble is perfect.
Item: par027   Price: $20.99
Japan EX Super G+ Cars Magnet Set
New on the card is this set of Super G+ magnets for the Japan EX cars. I don't know if they are stronger than a regular Super G+ but they cost about $15.00 in 1992. Magnets are new on the Japan card with the original price sticker on it. Card is in great condition to display or use them. Part number is 3005.
Item: par028   Price: $12.99
Aurora T Jet Thunderbike Rear Tires
Thunderbike rear tires. These are not silicone remakes. They are real rubber and fit perfect. Price is for two. Limited number available.
Item: par029   Price: $3.99
Tomy Pick Up Shoes
Pair of new Tomy pick up shoes. Fits Turbo and Super G+ cars.
Item: par30   Price: $3.00
Tuff Ones Factory Pick Ups on Card
T Jet Tuff Ones high perf silver plated pick up shoes. New on the card.
Item: par031   Price: $4.99
Champion Brand Pick Up Shoes For T Jets
One of the high performance parts places from the 60's is Champion. This is a pair of their pick up shoes for T Jets. Great display item. New in the bag.
Item: par032   Price: $5.99
T Jet Racer or Truck Axle New on Card
Original Aurora T Jet racer or truck axle. New in package.


Item: par033   Price: $0.99
Micro Scalextric Pick-Up Braids
Two pick-up braids for Micro Scalextric cars.  Never used.



Item: M610   Price: $2.00
Tyco Curve Hugger and HP-2 Pick Up Springs
Pair of Tyco pick up springs that fit Curve Hugger and HP-2 chassis. Springs are new old stock.
Item: par35   Price: $2.00
Amrac Pick Up Springs New
This is a package of 4 original Amrac pick up springs. Made from beryllium. They will also fit Aurora G+ and Rokar. Springs are new in their card.

Item: par036   Price: $3.49
Tyco Curve Hugger and HP-2 Guide Pins
Pair of Tyco guide pins that fit Curve Hugger and HP-2 chassis. Pins are new old stock.
Item: par040   Price: $2.00
Tyco 440 Magnum Replacement Armature & End Plates
New in the package is this armature kit for 440 Magnum Tyco cars. It comes with the armature, end plates, brush tubes, springs and brushes and the pinion gear. New on the card.
Item: par045   Price: $4.99
Atlas Soup Up Kit New In Box
Atlas high performance kit for their slot cars. This Soup Up Kit contains the following items. Three sets of drive gears with 10, 14 and 18 teeth ratios. These are all still mounted on the original sprue. One set of brushes. One set of brush springs. One screwdriver. One abrasive cleaning block for the pick ups and the track rails. A detailed instruction sheet with photos showing how to install the hop up parts. All parts come in the original Atlas clear box which is in great condition as is the painted letters on it. Part number1262. Great for display or use it.
Item: par050   Price: $29.99
Atlas Pinion Gear for Standard Chassis NOS
Atlas gray pinion gear for the standard chassis still in the factory card. These stripped on the shaft a lot so here is a new replacement.
Item: par051   Price: $1.99
Tomy Super G+ Endbell/Brush Holder
For the Tomy Super G+ chassis is this endbell brush holder. It is brand new. Also has the front bearing in it for the armature. I don't know if this will fit the chassis of the companies that copied the original Tomy.
Item: par055   Price: $4.99
Tomy SG+ High Performance Traction Magnets & Axle
One pair of high performance traction magnets. Don't know the brand. They are not notched like the originals. They are a full rectangle. That is why the rear axle wheel assembly goes with them so the magnets don't hit the wheels. The wheels are aftermarket high perf. The rear axle looks to have a standard crown gear. Comes with silicone tires. Price is for all the parts shown. These are for a Tomy Super G+ chassis. I don't know if they fit any newer chassis.
Item: par060   Price: $19.99
Original T Jet Magnet Set
New on the card is this set of standard T Jet magnets. Use to bring back that smooth running T Jet chassis.
Item: par061   Price: $3.99
Aurora T Jet Truck Tires Knobby Style
Truck tires for the T Jets. This is the knobby sidewall style. New on the card. Comes with four tires.
Item: par063   Price: $2.99
Original Set of Four 1/32 Aurora Tires
This is a new on the card set of 4 tires for the Aurora 1/32nd cars like the James Bond cars. Rare item.

Item: par065   Price: $7.99
Very Rare T Jet Early Wheel Set with Raised Back
This is a new on the card set of four early style T Jet standard wheels. The backs are not flat but have that center bumpp in them. Great for putting that finishing touch on a early rare T Jet. Perfect chrome also. One available
Item: par066   Price: $15.99
T Jet Truck Wheels
Late style T Jet truck wheel set new on the card. These are like Hot Rod wheels in yellow.


Item: par067   Price: $3.99
T Jet Standard Axle New on Card
Standard size axle new on the card.


Item: par069   Price: $2.49
T Jet Rear Guide Pin
Rear guide pin in red for T Jets so you can back up. New on the card.
Item: par071   Price: $0.74
T Jet Standard Copper Motor Brush
T Jet standard motor brush. New on the card. The best brush made for T Jets. 10 available.


Item: par072   Price: $1.99
Vibe Wheels and Axles Set NOS
These are new old stock Vibe parts. Two axles and four standard wheels. In the factory bag #1573. The chrome is perfect on the wheels. These will really add that extra pop to any Vibe car.
Item: par074   Price: $4.99
Vibe Set of Racer Slicks in Bag NOS
This is a set of four racer slicks that are new old stock still in the factory bag. Part # 1564. Use them or display them.
Item: par075   Price: $2.99
Vibe Crown Gear and Axle NOS
This is a new old stock crown gear and axle for the Aurora Vibe cars or trucks.


Item: par076   Price: $2.99
Vibe Pick Up Plate
This is a used pick up plate assembly for the Vibe cars. It is in good condition and will work great.
Item: par077   Price: $3.49
Vibe Axle Set NOS
This is a set of new old stock axles for the Vibes.

Item: par078   Price: $1.99
AJ's High Performance Tires #300
Read photo for specs.


Item: par080   Price: $4.99
AJ's High Performance Tires #450
Read photo for specs.


Item: par081   Price: $4.99
AJ's High Performance Tires #900
Read photo for specs.


Item: par082   Price: $4.99
AJ's High Performance Rear Wheels #3000B
Read photo for specs.


Item: par088   Price: $4.99
AJ's High Performance Rear Wheels #3100B
Read photo for specs.


Item: par089   Price: $4.99
AJ's High Performance Rear Wheels and Tires #3200B
Read photo for specs.


Item: par091   Price: $8.99
AJ's High Performance Raer Wheels and Tires #3250B
Read photo for specs.


Item: par092   Price: $8.99
Maxx Brush Tube Set
For the Maxx car are these brush tubes. New on the card.


Item: par096   Price: $2.99
Maxx Brush Set
For the Maxx car is this set of brushes and springs. New on the card.

Item: par097   Price: $2.99
Maxx Guide Pin
For the Maxx car is this new old stock guide pin. New on the card.
Item: par098   Price: $2.99
Maxx Nylon Bushing Set
For the Maxx car is this pair of nylon bushings. New on the card.


Item: par099   Price: $2.99
XLerators Chassis New
XLerators chassis new on card. We have both 1+3 and 2+4 designs.


Item: par100   Price: $5.99ea
XLerators Magnets New
XLerators magnet pair new on card. These are very strong magnets that will fit AFX chassis. The XLerators have a Quadra Lam armature so the magnets have to be strong.
Item: par101   Price: $4.99
XLerators Cluster Gear New
XLerators cluster gear new on the card.


Item: par102   Price: $3.49
XLerators Front Wheel Set With Pins New
XLerators front wheel set with pins. Pins may have some surface rust on them. They are new on the card. I'm not sure if they will press into a T Jet chassis but the wheel is a real nice looking mag style and the rim is short like a T Jet so they would be inside the body. This would give you independent front wheels on a T Jet. We also have the rear wheels that fit a standard T Jet axle so you could put a full set of factory Aurora mag wheels on a T Jet. They look a lot nicer than the stock T Jets.
Item: par103   Price: $5.99
XLerators Rear Wheel Set New
Xlerators rear wheel set. These are a mag style wheel and will fit the T Jet axle. They really make a T Jet look cool and they look a lot better than the stock T Jet. So by buying two sets you could put a Aurora set of mag wheels on a T Jet car. These are new on the card.
Item: par104   Price: $3.99
XLerators Pick Up Shoes Both Versions New
XLerators pick up shoes new on the card. We have both sets for the 1+3 and 2+4 style chassis.


Item: par105   Price: $3.99ea
XLerators Tire Set New
XLerators tire set new on the card. I can't tell if one is smaller in diameter for the left front on an XLerator chassis as they are new on the card and I don't want to open one up. They look like T Jet tires.
Item: par106   Price: $3.99
XLerators Armature Quadra Lam Style New
XLerators armature. I hear these are Quadra Lam arms but there is a gear on top of it that is part of the armature. I know guys convert the arm and gear plate to fit a T Jet chassis giving it the power of the Quadra Lam. The commutator plate is also silver plated for better conductivity. These are new on the card.
Item: par107   Price: $12.99
XLerators Crown Gear New
XLerators crown gear new on the card.


Item: par108   Price: $2.99
XLerators Rear Axle New
XLerators rear axle new on the card. These look like a standard T Jet rear axle.
Item: par109   Price: $1.99
XLerators Top Clamp and Gear New
XLerators top clamp and gear assembly. They are new on the card.


Item: par110   Price: $4.49
Tyco Japanese Version of 440X2 Tune Up Kit
New on the card is this Tyco Japanese Tune Up Kit. It includes two rear tires with lettering, 1 pinion gear, 1 crown gear, 2 guide pins, 2 pick up springs and 4 pick up shoes. Use it or display it.
Item: par114   Price: $14.99
Tyco Hopper/Sprint Car Tune Up Kit
Brand new un opened Tyco Hopper/Sprint Car tune up kit. It is different from the standard one as the guide pin is longer and the pick up shoes are taller to compensate for the taller front tires. The crown gear is also different. It comes with 4 pick up shoes, two rear tires, two guide pins, two pick up shoe springs, pinion gear and crown gear. The pick up shoes might come in handy for racers as maybe the extra height could make it easier to adjust them to make better electrical contact.
Item: par115   Price: $9.99
AFX X2C Oiler
AFX version of oil for slot cars. Called X2C. It is thinner than the T Jet red oil. There is 7cc's in the bottle. Comes with the oil tube to get at tight spots. Bottle is in great condition with all letters and graphics. It would display very well or use it on your cars.
Item: par119   Price: $7.99
Atlas Tire Set Like New
This is a set of four original tires for the Atlas cars. They are soft and like new.


Item: par122   Price: $3.99
Atlas Brush Screws NOS
This is a pair of new old stock brush screws for the Atlas standard motors.


Item: par125   Price: $1.99
AJ's Pro Series Armature for the Aurora G+ Chassis Plus Others
This is such a cool item from the past I really think it should be displayed and not used. It is a high performance armature made by Randy Kemp and sold by Twinn K. Called the AJ's Pro Series it is a custom made armature for the Aurora G+ and can also be used on TCR Power Passer and Polystil chassis. That is why it has a longer shank on one end. It would have to be cut down to fit the other chassis. Randy Kemp was a champion in the old HOPRA sanctioned races in the 60's and 70's. It comes in its original vial with styrofoam discs to support the armature. Mainly it has the original label which is in great condition. A great conversation piece to anybody as old as me and was into slots back then. A great blast from the past. One available.
Item: par130   Price: $19.99
Tyco 440 High Strength Traction Magnet
For all out racing this is a super strong traction magnet for the Tyco 440 chassis. Part # ph108. It is brand new in a clear plastic vial inside a sealed bag. Made by Hobby Racing from Japan. Replaces the original magnet in the 440 chassis. You will see a difference in the handling of the car. Use it or display it.
Item: par135   Price: $14.99
Slottech High Performance Motor Magnets / Tyco 440/440X2 Chassis
Brand new in the bag is a pair of high performance motor magnets for the Tyco 440 and 440X2 chassis. Made by Slottech who are known for their aftermarket high performance parts. They are in a clear plastic vial inside a sealed bag. One has white paint to show what side to put them in the chassis for correct direction the car will go. These should show a marked difference in speed. Give them a try.
Item: par136   Price: $9.99
Pair of New AFX Pick Up Shoes
Original Aurora AFX pick up shoes. They are new. These are the chrome plated ones with the stepped pad at the front. Price is for a pair.
Item: par140   Price: $2.50
Pair of New AFX Super Magna Traction Pick Up Shoes
Original Aurora Super Magna Traction pick up shoes. They are new. These were strange looking pick ups that only fit the Super M/T chassis. These chassis were very fast and much better than the standard M/T chassis. If you have some of these chassis but need pick ups give them a try. Price is for a pair.
Item: par142   Price: $2.00
Amrac Front Wheel Set
New in the card is this pair of Amrac front wheels. WHite in color. I believe they will also fit Aurora Super Magna Traction chassis.
Item: par150   Price: $2.49
HPS Brand High Temp Commutator Brushes for Aurora G+ Cars
New on the card is a pair of high temp commutator brushes for the Aurora G+ cars. Made by HPS. Give them a try.
Item: par162   Price: $2.49
Micro Scalextric Pick-Up Braids
Two pick-up braids for Micro Scalextric cars.  Never used.



Item: M610   Price: $2.00
Micro Scalextric Guide Pin & Braid Clip Assembly
Braid clip for Micro Scalextric cars.  This version has the built in plastic guide pin.


Item: M611   Price: $0.50




T Jet Hot Rod NOS Chassis
This is a new old stock Hot Rod chassis. Everything is new and the wheels have perfect chrome. Has slicks rear tires and the Dune Buggy fronts.
Item: cha002   Price: $16.99
T Jet Standard Chassis NOS
New old stock T Jet chassis. It has hi performance magnets armature and silver pick ups. Perfect tires and wheels. Gear train is standard.
Item: cha003   Price: $16.99
T Jet Tuff Ones Chassis Used
Running Tuff Ones chassis. Has all the high performance parts on it including the original sponge rear tires. Silver plate is worn on the pickups and chassis. Good chrome on the wheels.
Item: cha006   Price: $20.99
AFX NOS Chassis
AFX new old stock chassis. Complete and running. Has a mean green armature. Tarnish on the chassis from age but it would come right off. Great tires. Mag wheels.
Item: cha015   Price: $14.99
M/T Four Gear Bare Chassis and Gearplate
M/T four gear bare chassis with gear plate that has the last gear that turns the crown gear.
Item: cha021   Price: $3.99
Tyco Pro Short Chassis
T/P chassis with short wheelbase. Has button style Pick ups. One wire going to the motor terminal was re soldered and it melted the lock down arm. It does run. Has the chrome wheels with chrome loss on the rear wheels. Great tires.
Item: cha027   Price: $9.99
Tyco Pro Chassis With The Tyco Pro Speed Kit Accessories
Tyco Pro chassis with the Speed Kit parts on it. They include the spun aluminum front wheels with O ring tires and the deep dish spun aluminum rear wheels and tires that are pressed on to a special axle. It also has the Hi Performance gear train from the kit. The chassis runs and has the blade style pick ups on it. Use it or display it.
Item: cha029   Price: $23.99
1980 to 81 Curve Hugger Chassis New Old Stock
Tyco 1980 version of its Curve Hugger chassis. This chassis is new old stock never been run. White rims. Great tires. Plastic clear guide pin.
Item: cha030   Price: $14.99
Tyco TCR Chassis New Old Stock
Tyco Brand TCR slotless chassis. This is new old stock never been used. Has gray rims great tires and looks perfect.
Item: cha039   Price: $12.99
Tyco TCR Jam Chassis With Light
Tyco version TCR chassis. I believe this is a Jam Car Chassis as it has the 3 pick up shoes. It runs great and the light works. The rear tires are new 440X-2's so traction won't be a problem.
Item: cha040   Price: $7.99
Very High Performance Tyco 440X2 Chassis
Tyco 440X2 chassis with a high performance armature, motor magnets, traction magnets, special rear wheels and tires and braided pick up shoes from Nihon of Japan. They are like BSRT over here. The armature is called the Rocket. It is engraved right on the armature. It is purple in color. The traction magnets are cobalt surrounded by a C style steel clamp and are painted red. The motor magnets are what I call Rare Earth. They are a matched set for ultimate strength. They are also painted red. The pick up shoes have copper braids on them for better electrical pick up and do not require the return springs. They are virtually in a fixed position as the slot that clips onto the chassis is very small has has hardly any travel. The rear wheels are a special plastic and are perfectly center drilled to eliminate vibration. The rear tires look like some type of silicone. The front wheels and tires are stock Tyco but are painted black. The gears are stock also. This chassis should be able at the least to keep up with anything you are racing against. More than likely it should put them away. This thing sounds really nice when it is running.
Item: cha046   Price: $59.99
Tyco Japan Z-Car Chassis
This is an original Tyco 440X2 Z-Car chassis from Japan. It only came out for one year and was only put on a select few bodies. Mainly the Japanese Formula 5000 cars like the Cabin. It is basically a stock chassis except it has cobalt traction magnets enclosed in red plastic cases and one has a dot stamped into it. It does run and looks like new. Race it, put it on a body or just display it the way it is. Very rare item.
Item: cha047   Price: $39.99
Tyco 440 Narrow Chassis
Tyco 440 narrow chassis for F1 cars and some other bodies. Silver wheels. Original sponge rear tires and great front tires. Pick ups have slight wear. Runs good.
Item: cha050   Price: $9.99
Tyco Sprint Car/Hopper Chassis
Tyco Sprint car Hopper chassis. Has the 4 holes for the suspension pins in it and is longer. Different crown gear also. Chassis runs and looks like new. The wheels are for a hopper but this chassis can be used on a Sprint car if the wheels are changed. Great tires.
Item: cha054   Price: $12.99
Mattel Batman Tumbler Chassis
This is a 440 X2 chassis that came under the Batman Tumbler body. It has narrow rear wheels and tires to fit under the body. It is complete and runs great. There are no front wheels as they are part of the body.
Item: cha055   Price: $10.99
Aurora G+ Chassis With Black Wheels
Old style G+ chassis with black wheels. This is a narrow chassis for the F1 cars. It is used but runs and is complete right down to the sponge rear tires. Has pick up shoe wear.
Item: cha060   Price: $14.99
Aurora G+ Chassis With Yellow Wheels
Early Aurora G+ chassis with yellow wheels. It is for wide bodies not F1 cars. Complete and runs. Has slight wear to Pick ups. Has 440 X2 rear tires. They fit and look great.
Item: cha061   Price: $14.99
Aurora G+ Chassis With White Wheels
Original early style G+ chassis with white wheels. This is the narrow design for F1 cars. Has the original sponge rear tires. It runs and is complete. It has pick up shoe wear.
Item: cha062   Price: $14.99
Aurora G+ Chassis with White Wheels
G+ chassis for the F1 bodies. Has yellow silicone rear tires. Would need to be glued to the rims. Chassis runs with pretty good shoe wear. White rims.
Item: cha063   Price: $12.99
Aurora Screecher Chassis With Guide Pin
Aurora Screecher chassis with fixed guide pin. Used on other makes of cars also. You see them on the rare McLaren bodies with no holes for a rear wing. Chassis is complete and runs. Tires look great but the front ones fit loose.
Item: cha069   Price: $11.99
Aurora Ultra 5 B Type Chassis
Aurora slotless Ultra 5 chassis with chrome wheels. It is a B style chassis. It runs and has great tires on it. Slight pick up shoe wear and great chrome on the wheels.
Item: cha070   Price: $14.99
Life Like Chassis
Gray wheels. Runs and has nice tires.


Item: cha080   Price: $7.99
Lionel Power Passer Chassis
Power Passer chassis with no rear tires or front wheels. Everything else is there and it does run and is like new.


Item: cha095   Price: $4.49
Galoob Original Chassis
Gallob brand chassis for the Miami Vice cars. Just about identical to a Rokar but with gray wheels. Has Galoob logo on the chassis underneath and behind the armature. It does run and is all original except for the front tires. They were rock hard as they always are and have been replaced with new AFX wides. It also has the original rear sponge tires.
Item: cha099   Price: $24.99
Marchon MR1 Chassis New Old Stock With Light
MR1 NOS chassis. Yellow with working light.
Item: cha105   Price: $11.99
Marchon MR1 Jet Fighter Chassis
MR1 chassis for the Jets. It runs and has the rear light but it doesn't some on. It has the correct wheels made only for the Jet chassis.
Item: cha106   Price: $15.99
Atlas Midget Bare Chassis New
Midget chassis brand new.  Never used.
Item: cha115   Price: $2.99