All track shown on this page are under these guidelines:

1) T Jet track does not come with pins and locks. If you want them they are .50 for one lock and two pins.

2) The prices shown are for track that is in very good condition and can be used as is. If there are issues with the track such as paint on it, rust on the rails, dirty, broken tabs etc the price will be adjusted lower.

3) Each piece listed will have different quantity available. If you are looking for more than one piece please ask to see if I have enough pieces for your needs. Some pieces are very limited and might not ever be replaced.

4) If possible I can tailor certain track to your request. Such as T Jet track with road lines on straights and turns or solid black. AFX turns with the slots for guard rails built into the track. Etc.

5) All track will be described to the best of my ability. If it says the track has no broken tabs or in great condition it will be. I want to keep you happy about what you receive from me.

6) If I am out of certain track I will put up a notice of temporary out of stock or no longer available in the items description.
Aurora 15" Straight Track
Hard to find track pieces. Very desirable to have less joint connections and a smoother running track.


Item: tjt001   Price: $8.99

Aurora 9" Straight Track
Most widely used. Have plenty in stock.



Item: tjt002   Price: $1.49

T Jet Terminal Track
T jet terminal track with screws. Comes with lock and pins.


Item: tjt003   Price: $4.99
Aurora Vibrator 9" AC Terminal Track
Has three terminal screws for the early vibrator cars with AC voltage.



Item: tjt004   Price: $1.49

Aurora 9" Squeeze Track
Popular track for more action.



Item: tjt005   Price: $1.99

Aurora 9" Straight Crossover Track
Need to be used in pairs or your power pack WILL burn up.



Item: tjt006   Price: $1.99

Aurora 9" Cobblestone Track
Used more for more realistic scenery displays on layouts.



Item: tjt007   Price: $2.99

Aurora 9" Double Cross Track
9" straight piece with a double criss cross for more of a driving challenge. Can be used one at a time and not in pairs.


Item: tjt008   Price: $1.99

Aurora 9" Wiggle Track
A 9" straight with a double wiggle built in. Putting 2 or 3 of these together makes for a real challenge to drive but it looks cool.


Item: tjt011   Price: $1.99

Aurora 9" Bridge Track
Paired up these can make a bridge that any car will fit under. Can also be used with the culvert bridge sides ( that I also have available) for added realism and scenery. Also can be used to step a track down or up in a short amount of length by putting them together. Great for coming down from a Cobra Climb setup.  Price is for one section.
Item: tjt012   Price: $2.49
Aurora 9" Bump Track
A smaller version of the bridge track. Just a short bump not enough to where cars can fit under. Just an added challenge to your driving skills.


Item: tjt013   Price: $2.49

Aurora 7" Straight Track
A 7" straight piece to get out of a jam when making a layout.


Item: tjt014   Price: $2.49

Aurora 6" Straight Track
A 6" straight that come in handy as it equals out 9 and 15 inch straight pieces.


Item: tjt015   Price: $2.49

Aurora 5" Straight Track
A 5" straight that comes in handy to complete a layout.
Item: tjt016   Price: $2.49

Aurora 15" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
Very rare pieces of track. Gives you the ability to make a much easier driving turn than the common 9 inch radius. Probably the hardest TJ track to find along with the 15 straights.


Item: tjt017   Price: $9.99

Aurora 12" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
T Jet 12" turn. Hard to get and in demand as they are perfect to make a 4 lane track. These are in great shape, have nice paint stripes and come with the lock and pins. Limited number available and they don't last long.

Available with white line.  None in solid black.

Item: tjt018   Price: $4.29

Aurora 9" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
These come in very handy with four lane layouts and if you are making S turns. Limited number on hand.


Item: tjt019   Price: $4.99

Aurora 9" Radius 1/4 Curve Track
The most common piece of track made. Your basic radius that seems to be the best size for easy driving and saving space.


Item: tjt021   Price: $0.49

Aurora 9" Radius Crossover Curve Track
Two needed or one of these with a straight but you need to have a pair in a layout.



Item: tjt022   Price: $1.99

Aurora 6" Radius 1/4 Curve Track
Great for making a layout with a small space available. These take up less space but are more challenging to drive.

Six available.

Item: tjt023   Price: $2.99

2 Aurora 9" Radius 1/8 Banked Curve Tracks
A 9 inch radius turn that is banked. The best track addition Aurora made. These are 1/8 circle sections. Need four to make a 180 degree turn.  Price is for a pair.


Item: tjt024   Price: $4.99

Aurora 9" Straight Railroad Crossing Track
Rare piece of track that allows you to merge with a HO scale train. Collisions occur quite frequently with kids of all ages.



Item: tjt025   Price: $44.99

Aurora 9" Intersection Track
Four way car intersection for amazing collisions. Lots of fun with runners. Keep the good cars on the shelf with this item.



Item: tjt026   Price: $14.99

2 Aurora Junction Turnoff Tracks
These track sections open up a new door to making a layout. Let your imagination go with these. Great for continuous running layouts like under a Christmas tree.


Item: tjt027   Price: $39.99

T Jet Country Bridge
This is another nice accessory that Aurora made for the T Jets. It is the country bridge that is two piece and has enough clearance so cars can pass underneath it to add realism to your layout. It has sides of bricks for added realistic scenery. The locks and joiners are included. A nice addition to a layout that is made to have a realistic landscape.
Item: tjt030   Price: $14.99
2 Aurora 9" Narrow to Wide Adapter Tracks
Very hard to find track pieces. Lets you combine the Aurora wide track for the 1/32nd cars to T Jet size. Nice especially for turns that you can go through broad sliding. Price is for the pair.


Item: tjt031   Price: $14.00

T Jet Single Lane Turn
T Jet single lane 6" radius 1/8 turn. Comes with clip and pins.

Two available.

Item: tjt033   Price: $7.99
T Jet 5" Single Lane Straight
T Jet 5" single lane track section. Comes with clip and pins.

One available.

Item: tjt034   Price: $7.99
T Jet 7" Single Lane Straight
Single lane 7" straight track. Like new condition. Limited number available.


Item: tjt035   Price: $7.99
2 Aurora 9" Loop The Loop Tracks
The first version of going 360 degrees. Vintage Loop the Loop set. Has both rings, supports and entrance track pieces. This was before traction magnets but it did work with a fast T Jet. Rings have discoloration on them from time but will work fine.
Item: tjt037   Price: $12.99

Aurora Banked Turn Adapter Set
The first version of banking a turn by Aurora. These four pieces actually bend and twist the track and turns them into a bank. These are for 9" radius turns. The price is for all four pieces.
Item: tjt038   Price: $4.99

Aurora O Gauge 15 Inch Radius Turn
Aurora O gauge 15 inch radius 1/8 circle turns for 1/32nd scale car sets. Track is in great shape with full paint line and no rust.
Item: tjt039   Price: $3.99
Box of 9" Straights
Box of six 9"straight track. Used. Comes with locks and joiners. Display or use them.


Item: tjt042   Price: $9.99
Boxed Criss Cross Track
Pair of T Jet criss cross tracks in the box. Pins and locks included. Display or use them. They are used.


Item: tjt043   Price: $4.99
T Jet Service Road Turnoffs in Box
Neat item made by Aurora are these Service Road Turnoffs. They allow you to turn off the main road into single lane track for a different layout. Or you can make them as a pit lane. A thumbwheel lets you select the lane and they work really well. Both pieces have the thumbwheel. Some kits didn't. So you can back into the turnoff if using a rear guide pin. Includes the instruction sheet which is all there but in poor condition. Also come with the pins and locks. The box is in good condition. Use them or display them.
Item: tjt045 Price: $49.99
AFX 15" Start Track
AFX brand starting track. Is 15" long. It allows you to hold the cars wide open and release them at the same time to start a race. There are rollers that the rear wheels sit on and a manual spring loaded slide that you hold in which locks the guide pins on the cars. Release the slide and the cars take off at the same time. All the lock tabs are good as is the paint graphics.
Item: aft001   Price: $9.99
AFX 15" Terminal Straight Track
15" straight track with built in terminal hookups. One available.



Item: aft002   Price: $5.99

AFX 15" Straight Track
Great for smoother running layouts with less track connections.


Item: aft003   Price: $4.99

AFX 9" Straight Track
Most widely used track piece. Great for expanding your layout for longer straights.


Item: aft004   Price: $1.49

AFX 9" Cobblestone Straight Track
Rare piece of AFX brand track. More common for T Jets. Still on the card but the card is opened and one piece is gone. Track is new never used.



Item: aft005   Price: $3.99

AFX Wiggle Track
Wiggle 9" straight for AFX style track. Two available.


Item: aft006   Price: $2.99
AFX Data Race Track Piece
This is the track piece for the Data Race Control Center. It is in great condition and has the lock tabs to connect the track. If your tabs are broken off this is a quick fix. It is easy to change over.
Item: aft007 Price: $8.99
AFX 9" Cross Over Straight Track
9" straight with criss cross lane change feature. Need to have two of these in a layout.


Item: aft008   Price: $1.49

AFX 9" Squeeze Straight Track
9" straight with a squeeze built into one lane. Great in pairs and added racing action.


Item: aft009   Price: $1.49

AFX 9" Straight Track in Japanese Box
AFX 9" straight track in Japanese box. There are two pieces. The track and box are new never used. Use them or display them the way they were sold in Japan.
Item: aft010   Price: $4.49
AFX 9" Terminal Straight Track
Terminal track built into a 9" straight piece.



Item: aft011   Price: $3.99

AFX 7" Straight Track
Nice piece that might be needed to make a layout.


Item: aft012   Price: $1.49

AFX 6" Straight Track
Handy pieces to have as they can equal out a 9 or 15 and help finish a layout.
Item: aft013   Price: $1.49

AFX 15" Radius Curve Track
Rare piece of track. Nice to make easy driving sweeping turns.



Item: aft016   Price: $9.99

AFX 12" Radius Curve Track
Nice for four lane layouts or if you want a more sweeping easier to drive turn.


Item: aft017   Price: $2.99

AFX 9" Radius 1/4 Curve Track
The most common AFX track. It is the best size for combining saving space and easy driving.  Turn without the slots for built in guard rails.



Item: aft018   Price: $0.35

AFX 9" Radius 1/4 Curve Track with Guard Rail Holes
Turn with the slots for built in guard rails.



Item: aft019   Price: $0.35

AFX 9" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
Great pieces to have for S turns or four lane layouts. Rare pieces.


Item: aft020   Price: $4.99

AFX 6" Radius 1/4 Curve Track
6" radius for saving space but more challenging driving.


Item: aft021   Price: $1.99

AFX 6" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
Could come in handy to make the layout you are making. Very rare piece of track.  One available.
Item: aft022   Price: $5.99

2 AFX 12" Radius 1/4 Banked Curve Tracks
12"radius high bank turn pieces. Has built in outer guard rail. Can go wide open into these turns. One pair available. Price is for the pair to make a 180 degree turn.


Item: aft023   Price: $19.99

AFX 9" Radius 1/8 Banked Curve Track
Nice item by Aurora is this 9" radius bank turn. These are 1/8 of a circle. Need 4 to make a 180 degree turn. Can also use to make a sweeping banked S. Fits inside the 12" bank for four lane layouts. Price is for one piece.

Only two pieces available.

Item: aft024   Price: $2.99

AFX 9" Intersection Track
A lot more action happens when one of these is put into a layout.  Four way intersection for real excitement. Track is mint.



Item: aft025   Price: $14.99

AFX Shut-Off Road
Brand new on the card. Has hay bales, guard rails and special 9 inch radius turn with a built in shut down area like real race track use.


Item: aft027   Price: $19.99

AFX Flex Track
AFX Flex track section. I believe it is 24 inches long. Both end locking tabs are good. Allows you to make any type of turn you want or create a hill or valley. Track is in great shape.
Item: aft029   Price: $9.99
AFX Wall Pack Terminal
AFX terminal strip for hooking up to a wall pack or can make a jumper terminal out of it.


Item: aft029   Price: $2.99

AFX Daredevil Obstacle Course
New in box Daredevil Obstacle accessory set. Can be used with all style tracks but best for AFX and T jets. Comes with two bump pieces for straight track and two bump pieces for turns. Also has a jump ramp with receiving piece to center car back in slot. Last is a two piece teeter totter obstacle that you have to hit at just the right speed. Great to display or use.
Item: aft033   Price: $6.99

Data Race Control Center and Sound Tower
This is the AFX Data Race Control Center with the Sound Tower. It will count up to 95 laps with very good accuracy. It also has a start button with a 10 second countdown to start. This control center is also a lap timer.  By pushing the lap button once, it tells the last lap's time.  When you push it twice, it displays the fastest lap you have done in the race.  The other feature which is very cool is it has a fuel use gauge. You start with 90 gallons per race and as each lap counts the fuel goes down. The gauge goes down a certain amount of gallons depending on how fast you make a lap. The faster you go, the more fuel you use per lap. If you go to zero gallons the lap counter stops counting. Then as a added challenge and more realism you have to stop the car in the pit lane and push the fuel switch. You will see the readout adding gallons. The sound tower when plugged into the control center makes car sounds from an idle to wide open throttle. The track tabs are not broken. The battery box is clean. The signs that attach to the control center are there as are the grandstand sheets that cover the battery box. A copy of the instruction manual is included. The box is also included for both pieces but they are not in very good shape. Very neat idea from the mid 70's. This is for AFX style track. It has been fully tested and everything works.
Item: aft034   Price: $69.99
Tomy 15" Terminal Track
TOMY 15" track with built in terminal hookup.



Item: tot001   Price: $3.99

Tomy 15" Terminal with Gray Graphics
Gray graphics were only included in one set.  Not often seen.

One available.


Item: X512   Price: $4.99
Tomy Two Lane Layout Kit
This kit enables you to easily convert any Tomy two lane layout into a layout with a power pack for each lane. This will give you more power for a long layout and will eliminate the voltage loss from the other car running in the other lane. All you do is replace your existing terminal track with this one that is equipped with and extra terminal for a second power pack. This track was only made in Japan for their extremely long layouts they made in their sets. It is a great idea that has no flaws in it. The power pack connector is designed to let you change direction by simply turning the connector the other way where it plugs into the terminal track. A very handy feature. This kit comes with two power packs that deliver 22 volts DC to each lane. That is more volts than any other power pack made. The cars will show a difference in speed. This kit also has two controllers. The controllers have a nice feature also as they have cords that are 6 feet long instead of the short cords in American Tomy sets. This allows you to move around more while driving. The terminal track is identified as two power packs by the aqua paint on it. All the components have been tested and work perfect. You won't be disappointed with this kit.
Item: tot002   Price: $79.99
Tomy Japan Dual Power Terminal Track New on Card
This 15" long terminal track enables you to easily convert any Tomy two lane layout into a layout with a power pack for each lane. This will give you more power for a long layout and will eliminate the voltage loss from the other car running in the other lane. All you do is replace your existing terminal track with this one that is equipped with and extra terminal for a second power pack. This track was only made in Japan for their extremely long layouts they made in their sets. It is a great idea that has no flaws in it. Item is new on the card.
Item: tot003   Price: $49.99
Tomy 9" Straight Track
Standard size straight. Great for expanding your layouts straight-aways.



Item: tot004   Price: $1.49

Tomy 15" Straight Track
15" straights for smoother layout with less joints and better power conductivity.


Item: tot005   Price: $3.99

Tomy 9" Squeeze Track
9" straight with a squeeze in one lane. For added racing action.



Item: tot006   Price: $1.49

Tomy 15" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
15" radius turn for making easy driving sweeping turns. 1/8th circle.


Item: tot008   Price: $4.79

Tomy 12" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
12" radius turn that are great for making a four lane layout or for easier driving turns.


Item: tot009   Price: $2.99

Tomy 9" Radius 1/4 Curve Track
Most common turn made but has the right size for driving and space saving.



Item: tot010   Price: $0.50

Tomy 9" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
Might be needed to complete a certain style layout you are making.


Item: tot011   Price: $2.99

Tomy 6" Radius 1/8 Curve Track
Can come in handy to complete that certain layout you are making.


Item: tot012   Price: $2.99

Tomy Jet Launcher Only Sold in the United Kingdom
This is a very cool accessory from Tomy that was only sold in the UK. It is the Jet Launcher lap counter. It works by locking the two levers that launch the planes. By using the thumb wheels on both sides you can set the laps from 1 to 10 for each race. When racing the two entry ramps are lifted up. When the next to last lap is done the ramps drop down and then the cars go up the ramps and into the launcher. The one that hits the inside wall first triggers the launcher for that lane and that plane gets shot into the air and glides until it lands signifying the winner of the race. The compartment that the cars drive into has two sponges so the cars won't get damaged and they are in perfect condition. All the stickers are on the launcher and it is in great shape. It has been tested and it all works. The planes are in great shape also which is rare as they are made of styrofoam and easily broken. The compartment that the cars go into has a hinged lid on top so you can remove the cars easily. Comes with the instruction manual and the special 15" straight piece of track. Very rare item in the US as it was never sold here. This is for Tomy style track.
Item: tot020   Price: $129.99
Tomy 3" Hairpin Track with Red and White Curbs
A definite challenge to your driving skills is this 3" hairpin turn. Comes with red and white extenders curbs to widen the outside lane. New on the card to display or use.


Item: tob001   Price: $12.99

2 Tomy 9" Chicane Tracks with Yellow Curbs
TOMY 9" straights with a challenging S twist to them. Can take at a very fast speed. Comes with clip on curbs. New on the card to display or use.


Item: tob002   Price: $12.99

Tomy 12" Radius Banked Curve with 15" Straights
New in the package is this TOMY 12" radius bank turn kit. Comes with four banked turn tracks, two 15 inch straights and support brackets. A real nice addition to a layout. You can go just about flat out into these.


Item: tob003   Price: $23.99

2 Tomy to AFX Adaptor Tracks
Here is a pair of adaptor tracks that let you combine TOMY track to AFX. Three inches in length. New on the card.



Item: tob004   Price: $11.99

2 Tomy to Tyco Adaptor Tracks
These pair of track pieces allows you to combine TYCO track to TOMY. New on the card.


Item: tob005   Price: $11.99

2 Tomy to Life-Like Adaptor Tracks
Pair of track sections that allow you to use TOMY and Life Like track together. New in the package.


Item: tob006   Price: $11.99

Tyco 9" Straight
9" straight piece. Limited number available.



Item: col001   Price: $2.49

Tyco 9" Terminal Track
Track needed to hook up your power and controls.



Item: col002   Price: $3.99

Tyco 6" Straight Track
Might be needed to fit together your layout.


Item: col004   Price: $1.99

Tyco Criss Cross Track
Tyco 9" criss cross track. Need two to work right. Only have one available right now. Has one small locator tab broke off but it will work fine.
Item: col005   Price: $0.99
Tyco Jump Track 15 Inch
Tyco Jump Track with no jump block. If you have a block this piece is in great shape or it can be used as a regular 15 inch straight. Has wider slots to catch the guide pin of the cars.
Item: col008   Price: $2.99
Tyco 9" Turn 1/4 Circle With Stripes
9" turn with stripes. 1 available.



Item: col009   Price: $0.99

Tyco 9" Curve Track
Most common track made by TYCO. Best size for space and ease of driving.


Item: col010   Price: $0.50

Tyco 9" Turn 1/8th Circle
Special turn that could be needed to complete a layout.


Item: col011   Price: $2.49

Tyco Rare Six Inch Radius Turn
Tyco 6" radius turns. Pretty rare as they were never put in 99% of their sets. These are in like new condition. A important piece if running a 4 lane layout.

Three available.

Item: col012   Price: $5.99
Tyco Up The Wall Transition Track with Cradle
Up the wall transition tracks with cradle support. Two track pieces and one cradle. 4 available.


Item: col020   Price: $2.99

Tyco Single Lane Double Loop With Cradle Base
Single lane double loop assembly. Gives you 1 and 1/2 loops. Comes with 12 pieces of track and one cradle base. 2 available.


Item: col021   Price: $7.99

Tyco S 3" Bump Track
Tyco S style track. It is a 3 inch straight with a bump obstacle built in. New on the card. Great display piece as the card is not bad.
Item: col024   Price: $5.99
Tyco US1 Operating Car Carrier Un Loader New
Tyco US1 Car carrier unloader. These US1 accessories really had great ideas and it was amazing on how well they worked. Made in 1983 this auto unloader features a car carrier trailer along with 4 cars, a parking lot and the actual car unloader itself with upper and lower ramps. Also comes with the single lane turn out track piece. This is still factory sealed brand new. Cool addition to your layout.
Item: col030   Price: $34.99
Tyco US1 Boxed Controller Set Factory Sealed
Tyco US1 pair of controllers in factory sealed box. This is not the common two controllers molded into one box. These are two separate controllers that have built in wire leads going into the terminal track. Gives you more space between people using it. Has forward and reverse direction. Comes with the terminal track. Brand new from 1982. There is a tear in the box cover but no damage inside.
Item: col031   Price: $22.99
2 Tyco to Life-Like Adaptor Tracks
These pair of track pieces allows you to combine Life Like track to TYCO. New in the package.



Item: cob001   Price: $11.99

Mattel Guard Rail
Brand new Mattel guard rail.
Item: mat001   Price: $0.20ea
Mattel 15 Inch Squeeze Track
Brand new 15" squeeze track
Item: mat002   Price: $1.99
Mattel 9 Inch Turn
Brand new Mattel 9" turn.
Item: mat003   Price: $.50
Mattel Terminal Track
Brand new Mattel terminal track.
Item: mat006   Price: $2.99