Custom Slotcars by Marty

Over 20 years of building & racing H.O. Slotcars


Pro Poly Stock "Castrol"
These cars feature a featherlight chassis, hand selected and blueprinted then drilled and tapped for lightweight nylon threaded body posts. Posts are Black Max encased and glued in place for a bullet proof body mounting system. Rolling hardware includes an O-ring front end with CNC machined Delrin hubs & a micro polished axle. The rear end features a 24 tooth Delrin crown gear with a Nylatron gear boss and stock 7 tooth pinion for silky smooth gear mesh, then capped off with Delrin double flanged rear hubs and firm compound black slip-on silicone tires. The ultra-efficient motor features a hand selected stock 6 ohm armature, shimmed in place with phenolic & bronze spacers. Featuring high performance motor brushes with heat-treated .006" beryllium copper brush springs, 'heavy' left and right wound silver plated pick-up shoe springs, and topped off with pro "Ski Shoes" for maximum rail contact and superb handling. Also features matched stock ceramic motor magnets and matched Level 10 Polymer traction magnets. A mounted, painted, detailed and reinforced Lexan body tops it all off. This combination provides a well balanced, fun car to drive with Incredible handling and horsepower. Built to be bulletproof and ballistic, you won't believe it's a stock armature! Broken in and ready to race, these cars will work on a minimum of a wal-wart per lane, BUT they will really shine with upgraded power and controllers. Intended for the experienced racer.
Item: CSM01   Price: $125.00