Item: dc1001   Price: $9.99



Item: dc1002   Price: $9.99



Item: dc1003   Price: $9.99



Item: dc1004   Price: $9.99



Item: dc1005   Price: $9.99



Racing Champions
R Petty Collector Set
This is a Racing Champions Collector set made for R Petty. It comes with a 1/32 car, a 1/64th transport and a 1/24th car. Also has collector cars in a nice display box. Item is new.


Item: dc1101   Price: $10.99
Racing Champions STP Pit Showcase 1/24th Scale
R/C 1/24th pit showcase with the STP car with Richard Petty as driver. It has the Pontiac Grand Prix with 6 crew members in all different poses and a stack of tires working on the car. The scene is mounted on a base with a clear cover case top. Still sealed in the box. Box has a tear on the front. Made in 1992.
Item: dc1111   Price: $19.99




All Banks are new in the box.  All are 1/24th scale. All have limited numbers of production.  Description shows Sponsor, Make, Driver, Year Made and Number Made.

Family Channel T Bird Tom Kendall 1992 5000



Item: dcb001   Price: $24.99
Maxwell House T Bird Bobby Labonte 1992 7500



Item: dcb002   Price: $19.99
Mello Yello Panel Truck Kyle Petty 1991 ERTL



Item: dcb003   Price: $19.99
Kleenex Lumina Jimmy Spencer 1992 2825
Rare Item


Item: dcb004   Price: $39.99
Hardees Lumina Ward Burton 1992 5000



Item: dcb005   Price: $24.99
Raybestos T Bird Sterling Marlin 1992 7500



Item: dcb006   Price: $19.99
Tide Lumina Ricky Rudd 1992 7500



Item: dcb007   Price: $19.99
Motorcraft T Bird Geoff Bodine 1992 7500



Item: dcb008   Price: $19.99
STP Grand Prix Richard Petty 1992 5000



Item: dcb009   Price: $29.99
Mello Yello Grand Prix Kyle Petty 1992 5000



Item: dcb010   Price: $24.99
Quaker State T Bird Brett Bodine 1992 7500



Item: dcb011   Price: $19.99
Morema Lumina Ken Schraeder 1992 2500



Item: dcb012   Price: $34.99
Budweiser T Bird Bill Elliott 1993 5000



Item: dcb013   Price: $29.99
STP Grand Prix Rick Wilson 1992 5000



Item: dcb014   Price: $19.99
French's Lumina Harry Gant 1993 2500



Item: dcb015   Price: $24.99
Woolite Lumina Harry Gant 1993 2500



Item: dcb016   Price: $24.99

Easy Off Lumina Harry Gant 1993 2500


Item: dcb017   Price: $24.99
Gulf Lite Lumina Harry Gant 1993 2500



Item: dcb018   Price: $24.99
Black Flag Lumina Harry Gant 1993 2500



Item: dcb019   Price: $24.99
Manufacturers Champion T Bird #1 1992 5000



Item: dcb020   Price: $24.99
Western Auto Panel Truck Darrell Waltrip 1991 ERTL



Item: dcb021   Price: $14.99
STP Panel Truck Richard Petty 1991 ERTL



Item: dcb022   Price: $19.99



Item: dcb023   Price: $14.99



Item: dcb024   Price: $14.99



Item: dcb025   Price: $14.99



Item: dcb026   Price: $19.99



Item: dcb027   Price: $19.99



Item: dcb028   Price: $19.99



Brookfield Earnhardt Chevy Suburban
This is the first NASCAR collectible made by The Brookfield Collectors Guild. It is a replica of Dale Earnhardt's Goodwrench race team Chevy Suburban. Limited number made. Item is new in the box.
Item: dc2201   Price: $29.99



Item: dc2202   Price: $19.99
Franklin Mint Petty Olds
This is a die cast replica of Richard Pettys NASCAR Olds. Made by The Franklin Mint it is the first model made by them as a NASCAR stock car. Highly detailed and well made. A nice collectible for the Petty fan. These were $130 when they came out. This item is new in the factory box. Comes with authenticity papers.
Item: dc2203   Price: $89.99