This page contains a list of Atlas cars discovered after the Atlas Guide was printed.  Only cars confirmed to exist were included in the guide, so it is no surprise some remained elusive before the print deadline.  Photos were not available for some cars listed below, but all are confirmed to exist.

The Listed But Not Shown In Guide section has images of some cars mentioned in the guide but were not shown due to space or unavailability of photos.

If anyone has anything else missing, additional photos would be appreciated and added to this list.  Photo credit can be included if desired.


New Body Style

#1306 Thunderbird with Driver
Powder Blue body.  Black roof.  White/white interior.

Molded driver for mounting a head.  Roof design has four front peg holes.  Always mounted on a Slimline chassis.

This car was high on my list of "missing" cars before the guide was printed.  I asked many collectors if they had ever seen a Thunderbird with a driver.  The response was always negative.  It seemed odd Atlas would upgrade the Impala, Starfire and Grand Prix with new bodies and not the Thunderbird.  But since it remained unconfirmed, it had to be omitted from the guide.  My suspicions of the car's existence were justified when it appeared on an auction site in October 2012.  This is a great example of how difficult it can be to locate specific Atlas cars.


New Body Colors

#1283 Ford Galaxie Convertible
Light Gray body.  Brown interior.
#1291 Starfire Convertible
Red body.  Brown interior.
#1292 Grand Prix Convertible
Light Sea Green body.  Brown interior.
#1305 Impala
Lemon body.  Black roof.  Red/black interior.
#1306 Thunderbird
Dark Green body.  White roof.  Black/black interior.
#1306 Thunderbird
Dark Blue body.  Correct roof color is unknown.  Black/black interior.

Incorrect Impala hardtop roof and bumper in photo.  Added in September 2017.

#1312 Starfire with Driver
Lemon body.  Black roof.  Brown/brown interior.

Incorrect convertible windshield in photo.  Correct configuration is hardtop with black roof.

#1313 Station Wagon
Red body.
#1101 Porsche
Turquoise body.  White stripe.  Revised body.
#1101 Porsche
Light Yellow body.  Silver stripe.  Revised body.


New Interior Colors

#1286 Corvette Convertible
White body.  Red interior.
#1302 Corvette Convertible
Light Gray body.  Brown interior.
#1302 Corvette Convertible
Tan body.  Green interior.
#1302 Corvette Convertible
Turquoise body.  Blue interior.
#1314 Grand Prix
Light yellow body.  Black/black interior.


Listed But Not Shown In Guide

#1287 Avanti
White body.
#1301 Corvette
Light Gray body.  White roof.  Unpainted interior.
#1305 Impala
Mint Green body.  Brown roof.  Red/black interior.

Marusan exclusive.  Brown Impala roofs were only produced by Marusan.

#1305 Impala
Powder Blue body.  Brown roof.  Red/black interior.

Marusan exclusive.  Brown Impala roofs were only produced by Marusan.

Marusan M4 Sherman Tank Box Sticker
The foil box sticker for the M4 Sherman Tank finally showed up in 2015.

Still missing the sticker for the Volvo P1800.